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Dukes of Scuba - the origami zine

this is not a photograph


Editor's note: The zine is the literary equivalent of a DIY album. Assembled by hand and driven by a desire to turn readers/listeners on to something they've never seen (or heard) before. The zine (short for magazine or fanzine) is usually a short-form publication- and they vary in terms of quality and duration.

Ashley Cooke must never sleep. Combining his love of music, graphic design, and Dada poetry, he has created a unique publication focusing on ambient/drone/experimental/ noise artists. The reviews read like short poems. The layout is brilliant. This is a great resource that provides much needed exposure for some very adventurous artists.

this is not a photograph

Dukes of Scuba unfolds, it is both a puzzle and a map of modern experimental music coming out of Wales. You should read it.

You can connect with Dukes of Scuba via twitter or go to the Dukes of Scuba web site for subscription info.


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