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Molly Drag: Whatever Reason

The recording process of the album mostly all took part in a basement in an old house I rented for a year with a friend back in London, Ontario (before moving to Montreal in aug 2016). I took a couple months off work and moved my bed into the basement and recorded it all with my iMac in the laundry room and all the music gear and one microphone in the other room, my friend Joe leant me an original Wurlitzer electric piano that is on a lot of the songs on Whatever Reason (most notably "Pitch Black Apathy").

The record itself was a tiring process for me to make, I definitely wanted to show that I had a lot more in me and wanted to prove that to myself I guess. Spending 30 hours straight without sleeping, etc, a lot of cheap wine was injected during the process too. My ex-partner is the only other contributor on the album other than myself which are the backing vocals in "Tragic Trix." The only song that was recorded in Montreal was the song "Cloth."

I'd say the most of the time working on it was in the production phase. Tracking usually happens quickly for me after I have a good idea for what I want for a song-

I think of it as theatre in a way....

this is not a photograph forward half a year

to the beginning of the tour before our first show in Toronto. I was skateboarding before soundcheck, fell and shattered my elbow, didn't think it was broken, so I played the show (on guitar) and probably made it worse doing so. I woke up the next morning on my friend Henry's floor with an elbow the size of my thigh. I decided to go to the hospital before crossing the border into the USA and they told me I had a bad break and to come back for October 2nd for a check up.

That's where I made the decision to go on and do the tour, play keys instead of guitar and I stole my good friend Henry (who just moved into a new apartment that morning) from Toronto to play bass for me. Luckily I do all the instruments in my music, so it's mailable enough that I can do any instrument live and sing (probably not drums though). so yeah, we did the tour, only had to cancel a few dates. I came back to Canada almost two weeks later and a 15 hour bus ride from Philly to Toronto where I got more X-rays and CT scans. And received worse news about my elbow: that it was a significant break, requiring surgery (maybe more than one surgery), and I have fragments of bones surrounding the nerves that control the use of my right hand and fingers.

I broke down in the hospital and took a bus back home to Montreal (6 hours). The next day I waited 11 hours in a Montreal hospital to book a surgery, and had surgery two days later, where then after the surgery I had my backpack stolen with my wallet and ID inside. It's been a pretty rough week for me, recovering now though.. Slowly feeling good enough to get back to finishing a new record with my left hand, to release in 2018.

Shout out to Past Life and Henry's project HenoHeno

[Editor's note: I don't care who you are, Molly Drag is a total fucking badass. The photo tells the story. If you like Emperor X you'll really like Whatever Reason. Check the Molly Drag catalogue on Bandcamp and follow @mollydrag on the twitter machine.]


this is not a photograph


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