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CAMP.Radio | episode 048 | field notes | 15.05.2024

current status: gardening in the yard, getting the vegetable and herb beds started, renovating the barn (which involved a lot of cleaning and sorting of old broken dusty stuff), while working out some musical ideas in my head. On rainy days I try to put things down on paper, see if they translate sonically, do some design work, and try to catch up on correspondence. I am very bad at correspondence. Apologies to my pen pals. I will write or call soon. I promise.

SHR mowing the lawn on our old tractor

At the end of April I started working on a couple of drone and ambient sound sketches. I had some parts, but no real theme or focus. My most recent field recordings seemed sort of cliche to me. I thought I might need some helpful inspiration for episode 048.

One day, I was feeling rather frisky and put out the following request to friends and mutuals:

A text message that reads- Y'all need to record some shit on your phone and send it to me for the next podcast- thanks in advance


01. field_recording_1
I received some very nice field recordings from people that responded to my prompt. Donna Enticknap sent a recording made while walking. The title of the recording, "walking from the pond past the weir, past the monastary, back to the cabin," was in itself quite poetic, and it fit well with the sound of a bubbling springhead sent by Dr Carini, and the sounds of small aircraft buzzing like insects above Cape Cod provided by JWo. I also revisited a short banjo stem file recorded by Stephen McLeod. At some point years ago he sent me all of the stem files from his 2011 song, Sleeping Solves Nothing. Loop the banjo. Loop the sampled field recordings. Apply distortion to the bubbling springhead.

02. field_recording_2
At the end of April SHR went to visit family in Germany. While there she went to our niece's soccer match and sent me four short video clips recorded on her iPhone. I tried to isolate some of the sounds and loop them. The team cheer, the sound of the ball being struck on a corner kick, shouts from the crowd. This entire piece was assembled from 40 seconds of recorded audio.

team of women assembles at the start of a soccer match in Germany

03. field_recording_3
Audio stripped from two bread baking sessions in Germany recorded by SHR. In her aunt's kitchen- they made a 3-kilogram loaf of rye bread. Then her father brought her to visit a small commercial bakery in a small village which sounded much more mechanical. I recorded a couple of piano and bass tracks- because baking bread is sort of a trance-like drone activity.

04. field_recording_4
When some one sends you audio from a hockey game- you experience the chaos of the sport. Tom and Beth sent me some fantastic clips from a recent New York Rangers game. A lot of shouting, cheering, cringing, and speed. Play an F chord. Play a D chord. Now play it faster.

05. field_recording_5
I know a visual artist that I refer to as ABD. Her field recordings are a little different- they are mostly done in interior spaces. ABD sent me some newly recorded audio files of vocals and through-the-window sounds. Applied some modulation and looped window sounds.

06. field_recording_6
Loop a piano, loop a bass , loop a guitar. Add Kanzler's field recording of backyard birds and a walk with the dog. Summer is coming.

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