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CAMP.Radio | episode 047 | field notes | 17.04.2024

I would describe this very much as a process episode. Nothing is ever finished. These are very rough sketches and scraps that I have been working with over the last four weeks (and one a little older). Some of these might develop over time. I have been very distracted by spring gardening, renovating the barn, and the resulting pains. And three very opinionated dogs.

drone and ambient pieces written in April- paired with field recordings over the last four weeks. Also, I was so spaced out in the last 24 hours before deadline I forgot to record the intro and the closing credits.

01. 032424_slow_down
An exercise with a rhythm structure that I have never used. Percussion, bass, MIDI vocals. I wanted to drone in uptime.

02. 041224_piano
This is a piece I started working on a couple of months ago. Piano, bass, MIDI clarinet. Different looping patterns between instruments.

03. 041624_guitar
Pure sketchpad. That means- completely unmixed tracks consisting of two guitars, bass, and drums. Completely uninspiring. Notes for future work.

I needed to repair the garden beds and the gate before planting

04. bird April 16
On 8 April, SHR and I went down to Long Island Sound to experience a partial solar eclipse. It didn't live up to the hype, but I did get some nice field recordings from our walk along the shore. And commentary from passers-by.

a dog in repose on pebbles

05. 080322_piano
This one has been rattling in my head for a couple of years. MIDI cello for when your cello friend has broken their arm, echo-piano, intermittent percussion. It's long because I'm still trying to figure it out. Birds and bicycle wheels come in at the end.

06. 041624_red_wing
A bass loop paired with field recordings recorded in different locations. That's the story. You missed her jump.




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