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CAMP.Radio | episode 046 | field notes | 20.03.2024

Lately, I've been taking the Newfoundland out for small adventures. We are lifeling friends and enjoy spending time together. But going for the same walk down a rural road every day has gotten kind of boring for both of us. So we go out and about and around the horn every now and then.

For episode 046 I made some field recordings of our recent outside and inside rambles. We went to visit a chemist friend that is starting to distill his own alcohol. Then we had some friends over for a dinner of classic deli foods and many drinks. The conversation became quite animated as Archie told a series of quite amusing stories. Lots of mustard and pickles. And last weekend the dog and I went down to the Connecticut River to watch small sailboats racing in Middle Cove. It was quite a breezy day and the races were interesting. We eventually settled in a quiet spot near the river and recorded the luffing of sails and near-shore birds.

I took some work-in-progress drones and ambient pieces written in February and March- and paired them with the field recordings made over the last few weeks.

here are the notes.

01. 031424_guitar_2 (introduction)
Despite what I said in the intro- this is actually episode 046. It was late and I was very tired. I like distortion. But I do not like distortion pedals. Just take your favorite crap amp and crank it. The recorded voice-over happened at about 04:30 the morning of the original broadcast.

B to E
E down to B
-that's it.

02. 031424_guitar_3 (distillery)
The dog and I visited a friend that is starting to experiment with the distilling of alcohol. He has a very high-tech setup. When we arrived the still had been disassembled for cleaning and I got to see all of the finely made stainless steel parts. The music starts with:

B D# G#
then transitions to:
G# B F#
G# B D#
for the second third of the piece.

03. 030424_guitar (acoustic loop)
The weather was shit and cold. I sat at my desk with an acoustic guitar. I call it my "beater" because it is the guitar that I have used the most over the last 25 years. Looped motifs. An etude of sorts. I really cannot describe how it evolved. Maybe the notebook will be more informative for this one.

a page from my workbook, rotated 90 degrees to the left

04. 031924_piano (dinner party)
There is nothing better than good friends and good food. Bawdy tales and a lot of booze. Archie and Angela had some good stories. And we laughed.

The left hand was doing F and C
and the right hand was doing C and G#
on the piano
and i think the midi faux bassoon was doing
G# and F

as we sat by the Connecticut River, I turned to the dog and said- I love you- I really do

05. 032024_luffing (little sailboats and birds)
Lady Charles and I sat on a bench watching a series of sailboat races on a windy tidal cove the other day. It was fun. Then we retired to a quiet park on the river and listened to the birds and the luffing sails as the boats returned home. It was a very good day. I turned to my companion and said- I love you, Lady Charles.

Closing credits roll.




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