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CAMP.Radio | episode 044 | field notes | 24.01.2024

a very special conversation with SARN.

SARN is cool, and kind, and smart, and super creative. Mostly he is kind. And very funny. Trust me.

That is pretty much all that you need to know about SARN, the artist. I refer to his style as absurdist- he observes and records random events- then puts tem together. You get to connect the dots yourself. Next step- listen to his process: book studio time at the Tiny Telephone studio in Oakland, bring on board genius musician/engineer John Vanderslice and a crew of the best muscians and engineers in the area, and write an album a month before you record it.

SARN is fearless- because (in his words), "I don't give a shit."

I miss punk rock. SARN is def punk rock. After you listen to this episode- you should check out the SARN catalogue on Bandcamp. You will probably like it (please click here).

A Newfoundland dog goes to the airport

The tracks that lay the foundation for this conversation are from SARN's new untitled album- which is pretty fucking brilliant. I was allowed to use samples of the unreleased material (recorded in 2023) for background tones for this episode- so there is a lot of looping. But even from these short clips- you can tell that the performance is tight. John Vanderslice (keyboards/electronics/vocals), Jason Slota (drums/percussion), and Meric Long (that guy from The Dodos), pile on hard- amplifying the post-modern absurdist lyrics of SARN. In a very good way.

These are beats, these are grooves, these are vibes, these are statements.

here is the sample / track list

01. 011024_guitar intro (#WIP). Nat Lyon

02. Space Cadets (loop). Sarn

03. My Socks (full track). Sarn

04. Freaking out (loop). Sarn

05. Dumb (loop). Sarn

06. Baited (loop). Sarn

07. Reckless (loop). Sarn

08. Good boi (loop, featuring John Vanderslice). Sarn

09. faded (loop). Sarn

10. loveshit (loop). Sarn

11. LITTY (loop). Sarn

12. it was RAINING!!! (loop). Sarn


14. mac x chz (lopp). Sarn

15. Drust Jive (full track). Sarn
Sometimes I put this track on and loop it all day.

16. Pillow (loop). Sarn.

17. freaking out (clip). Sarn

18. Picasso (full track). Sarn

19. LOLL (full track). Sarn

20. 012124_guitar end credits (#WIP). Nat Lyon

Note: the samples presented in this episode do not do justice to the full tracks. This album is more than its parts. You will totally dig it.

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