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CAMP.Radio | episode 043 | field notes | 27.12.2023

a conversation with Marc Weidenbaum

Marc is a prolific music journalist- and the creator/instigator/prompter of the Disquiet Junto project. Marc is also an excellent musician. And he wrote the book: Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2 (2014).

We had a lot to talk about.

The transition from print to digital publishing, social media, the creative process, and field recordings are just a few of the topics we chatted about. Marc Weidenbaum has a long list of publications- and for more details you should spend some time at - a site focused on the sound of art that seems to update constantly and includes links to subscribe to his quirky/creative This Week in Sound newsletter, and the place to find the latest Disquiet Junto recording prompt.

i tried to pitch this to Teenage Engineering

01. 112923_disquiet_1 (2023)
There is some interesting material from Weidenbaum's personal music catalogue on SoundCloud - and most of the music in this episode was drawn from Marc's archive. I looped some of the pieces- and ocassionally looped additional tracks asynchronously. Guitar, synth, field recordings, minimal. Really good stuff.

Here is a list of the loops:

Four Strings Patch
Four Strings Patch + Passing Waves
Passing Waves + Guitar Learning: Maybe (A minor on Ebow)

02. disquiet0418_cubed (2020)
While Marc described the foundational concepts of the Disquiet Junto project, and specifically mentioned the recurring "cubed" music prompt- a version of that project, which I recorded in 2020 played in the background. If you would like to use any of the ice-cubed derived sounds I made for this project, please feel free to download the stem files and have your way with them.

field recording at the airport

03. 112923_disquiet_2 (2023)
During the second half of our conversation- I wove/looped more of Marc Weidenbaum's pieces while we talked about a bunch of stuff related to composition, field recording, and social media:

Chain Reaction (Free & Clear)
Synth Learning: Food and Drone Administration + Helsinki Downspout
Chain Reaction (Free & Clear) + Parallel Normal + Synth Learning: Food and Drone Administration + Helsinki Downspout
Parallel Normal (looped)
Helsinki Downspout (looped)
Synth Learning: Tako Friday (looped)
Synth Learning: Muxlicer Piano (first patch)(looped)
Daly City Parking Lot + Wednesday Loops
Night (There and Back)(looped)
Night (There and Back) + Four Strings Patch + Passing Waves
Passing Waves + Daly City Parking Lot
Passing Waves + Helsinki Downspout

end note:
Super special high-five and shoutout to Marc for his time and patience. You can follow Marc's thoughts and observations on social media via twitter and/or bluesky. And if you are a writer/musician/artist/recordist that has not yet participated in the Disquiet Junto project, I have two words for you:





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