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CAMP.Radio | episode 042 | field notes | 29.11.2023

This episode includes range of sonic oddities. Some loops of song fragments that I like and a lot of works in progress. Also included is a series of short lessons in microphonics by Heather Roche.

it is getting dark earlier with each passing day

01. roche_05_duet (2023)
A couple of weeks ago, Heather Roche posted a very interesting study on microtones that can be played on the clarinet. She wrote some very accessible notes, with audio examples on her web site- which is definitely worth a read and a listen. I took a few of these, combined them, looped them, and played along with them. But you should very much review the source material here.

02. Mishima (2023)
Was I the only one delighted to hear that Philip Glass wrote an arrangement for the theme to the animated series Bob's Burgers? It is nice to see composers have fun with artifacts of popular culture- and Mishima does not disappoint. You can find this on Bandcamp.

03. roche_01 (2023)
Another piece sampled from clarinet tones by Heather Roche.

04. 112723_GFC (2023)
A droning piece for guitar, reversed guitar, and time stretched guitar. It is just, G, F, and C. Give it a try.

walking downstairs at 03:00 to record narration

05. roche_02 (2023)
I love the lo-fi vibe of this recording. Two clarinets playing G# and F (I think that is what is happening).

06. New Zealand Pines (loop) (2005)
John Vanderslice's album, Pixel Revolt is a beautiful collection of sounds and songs. He is a great writer and a brilliant recording engineer (which I think I have mentioned in several previous episodes). In this loop, from the song New Zealand Pines- there is a simple, but hypnotic guitar melody that runs forwards and backwords. This is a piece that is worth some study time.

07. 112823_piano (2023)
A drone for modulated electric piano and bass guitar. Simple. Meditative. It has been raining and cold here.

08. roche_03 (2023)
The thing about close notes that I like is they have an oscillating effect. I find this quite soothing and to my taste sounds better than anything you could make with a modular synthesizer.

a friendly moth followed me around the terrace

09. 112523_bass (2023)
Music for bass, guitar, and bicycle chain. A WIP drone.

10. Milky (2021)
This is a beautiful piece of lo-fi by Sweet Freeze, from the album Flood the Engine. The song starts with a droning bassline, chanted vocals, and sprinkles of guitar. Then is gets fuzzy and skuzzy and slightly disorienting. A couple of days after this episode was broadcast, Kate Sattler released a NEW Sweet Freeze album called, Effusion- and it is definitely worth a listen- or a bunch of listens.

11. roche_4 (2023)
One final sample of the clarinet work of Heather Roche. A lot of thought and effort went into these vignettes to explain/describe the different types of tension that micro-tones can bring to a piece of music. You should definitely read the accompanying text by Roche, which explains the process/practice of multiphonics far more clearly than I ever could.

12. Canada Day (2011)
Like, John Vanderslice, Chad Matheny (aka Emperor X) is a rare talent. Both artists are top level writers, performers, and engineers. And they have both had a lot of influence on the way that I write and record. This piece, from the album Western Teleport, is a loop that I made from the end of the song- acoustic guitar, bass, minimal percussion and vocal sounds. A very nice audio end-paper for this episode.




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