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CAMP.Radio | episode 041 | field notes | 01.11.2023

October fades to November, and if you go down to the shoreline there are fewer boats at the dock every day. Episode 041 is a series of field recordings I made on 28 October at a marina on the Thames River- where it meets Long Island Sound. My friend, colleague, and frequent contributor to the Noank Guitar Ensemble was waiting to catch a fishing boat for a day casting lines south of Fishers Island. He agreed to meet me early in the morning so I could record maritime sounds and the spinning spool of string on his reel.

Woven between the sounds of the tide coming in are several new #WIP drone and ambient pieces. There are also a couple of very nice autumnal loops- more on those later.

standing on a dock at the confluence of Long Island Sound and the Thames River

01. fishing 01 (2023)
The intro is not a modular synth or a plugin. It is the sound of a fishing reel slowed down by 60%.

02. fishing 02 (2023)
I am standing on a dock in the early morning sun. I am watching my friend fishing in the brackish waters where the Thames River enters Long Island Sound. The tide is coming in. We are standing on the New London side of the channel. On the other side is Groton, Connecticut.

03. Toy Store Session 10/29/23 (2023)
KendraPlex is a drone musician. In this piece, she is strumming a single chord with a fair amount of tremolo, accompanied by Josh Roseman on trombone. They recorded this in a toy store. This loop has a nice vibe. Very nice.

04. 102423_bass (1997)
While I chat with the fisherman, a bass drone, with a high hat and kick drum. The ambient sounds of the incoming tide work well here. It was an unseasonably warm day. Probably the last nice day of the year. B and G, A and D, D and A, cycle like the slowly incoming tide.

A Tautog fish

05. 101523_Em (2023)
Drone for guitar and bass in Em and Bm plays against the time-stretched sound of a spinning fishing reel.

06. 101523_D (2023)
A #WIP variation on a D chord. "If you're sitting down with some blackfish tacos- you're living like a king. There are certain things that money can't buy."

07. 102423_bass (2023)
I would like to catch a halibut. B and G, A and D, D and A. The tide is still coming in.

08. repeat/repeat (2023)
Recurring audio loops and the ambient field recordings of Long Island Sound.

my friend and colleague with his fishing pole

09. Autumn Sweater (1997)
As my friend departs in a boat headed in the direction of Fishers Island, I find my way to my car and eventually home. Over the coming days the weather turns seasonably colder. Sweater weather is here. Or fleece, if one prefers. Closing credits while the intro phrase to Yo La Tengo's classic, Autumn Sweater, plays in my car.




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