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CAMP.Radio | episode 040 | field notes | 03.10.2023

Long form drone in four movements. And a wide ranging conversation with American photographer Marion Belanger. And CristÍn talks beetle talk.

01. 093023_piano (2023)
An October #WIP. Repeating bass and piano loops and nothing more. Mental notes I made while recovering at home after minor surgery.

untitled work, photograph and paint

02. a conversation with Marion Belanger (2023)
Miles and years, and more, were covered in this conversation. Marion Belanger is a landscape/environmental photographer. Her most recent work part of an installation in honor of the environmental writer and advocate Barry Lopez.

The background soundtrack was created from loops that include some of Belanger's field recordings. Take a look at her extensive catalogue at

untitled work, photograph and paint

03. CristÍn and the beetle (2023)
This is sort of an inside joke that would take too long to explain. It involves two beetles, an Irish philosopher, and an art critic. Low vibe groove.

a photograph of a beetle by Cristin Leach

04. 091423_RED (2023)
This is a new variation of a song I wrote years ago. Autumn is on the doorstep and I am feeling nostalgic. It is a long loop, partly because I spent a long time writing revisions for the person that approved my dissertation.




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