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CAMP.Radio | episode 039 | field notes | 06.09.2023

August was a major fucking drag.

The intense heat and humidity in late August slows everything down. Life slows down. Animals slow down. We're in energy conservation mode. I have been stung four times by Yellow Jackets this month.

Low energy does not mean low intensity. Many intense pieces of music take place in slow motion. This month- a collection of seasonally and environmentally appropriate music.

01. 083023_piano (2023)
F, G, E, C in various iterations. Piano, bass, and midi-clarinet.

remember this, Chaplin, Connecticut, circa 1938

02. 3 (2017)
Heather Roche is brilliant with the range of reed instruments. She can make a clarinet sound like a guitar gently feeding back. This piece is from the Token Victory compilation. If you like modern music- your should click the link and dig in.

03. 081923_guitar (2023)
Guitar, bass, minimal piano, minimal percussion. As I mentioned earlier, mammals slow down when subjected to excessive heat. A drone piece in which each instrument occupies about 25% of the total time and space.

04. Murmuration (2023)
This track is from the latest release by Modern Nature titled No Fixed Point in Space. In some respects this collective is very similar to Beauty Pill- a detuned groove that evolves as the piece progresses. And each performer brings their own unique vibe to the mix.

05. Aircraft Alarm Cancelled (2023)
A NEW, NEW, NEW track that Emperor X dropped on YouTube this week. It has all of the signature elements that I absolutely love about Chad Matheny's music: harsh reversed audio, acoustic guitar in an alternate tuning, and painfully authentic lyrics.

grandfather, mother, uncle, dogs

06. C on 5 (2023)
Do not panic. That is what I kept saying to myself. Everyone is asleep. A single clean guitar chord loops with a two note piano response. It is like listening to the birds wake up every morning. Big birds and little birds.

07. Buzzard's Bed (2023)
Something old sounds new again. This dreamy 19-minute long track by Little Black Egg is a brilliant piece of drone/ambient guitar by Georgia Hubley. Please visit the Yo La Tengo bandcamp page for a better description, written by Ira Kaplan.




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