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CAMP.Radio | episode 038 | 09.08.2023

day, month, year, and other places that I have not been.

This month, a series of field recordings inspired me to try and find matching drones. Train and street sounds from Seoul, crowd sounds from the Tour de France, a drum loop found on twitter, the quiet of a bakery at 5:00 AM, and subway sounds from London provided the foundation.

Improvised drones for non-thinking. What could go wrong? Actually, a lot could go wrong.

on the train in Seoul. a photograph of train tracks.

01. Angie went to Seoul to ride the trains (2023)
A friend visited family in Korea in July. I asked if she could send me some field recordings. Subway sounds, street sounds, night life. In my imagination all of the sounds were recorded at night. I attempted to build a nocturnal guitar signature that would not distract from the drone of urban life in a place that I have never been.

the park at night- where you can have food delivered.

02. The punctual poets (2023)
Crowd noises and choice observations by cycling commmentator Phil Liggett were mixed with the restrained fury of a drum loop that Greg Saunier from Deerhoof posted on twitter. Both of them are passionate and poetic in their delivery. The resulting chaos is the poem.

03. for the bakers at 5:00 AM (2023)
Sitting in an empty bakery at 5 AM, waiting for the bakers to start their work. A long meditation in G, F#, and A. Bread baking is mostly a slow-core and quiet activity.

a photograph of the library at the bakery

04. WTF? Tom went to Copenhagen and then sent me a field recording from London (2023)
The title sums up this piece nicely. Expect the unexpected. This is another guitar-based drone inspired by a field recording from a London subway train. C and G played on the part of the neck where the intonation gets more than a little wobbly.




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