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CAMP.Radio | episode 036 | 14.06.2023

This will be the shortest set of field notes of the series. I have collaborated with Stefan James for almost a decade- yet we have never spoken. I really admire the catalogue of work that he has produced as Sweet Benfica, but more about that later.

01. 061223_fifth (2023)
This is a #WIP. I have been trying to think outside the guitar.

02. a conversation with Stefan James (2023)
Stefan James, under the banner of Sweet Benfica has cultivated a catalogue of work that represents the very best of #DIY #lofi approach to recording. He is open and honest. There are no secrets. We talk honestly about Stefan's process of writing and recording. Working within limitations and transcending limitations. The imagination is a wonderful thing.

A photo of Stefan James

Stefan James does the work.

While we talked, I looped fragments of his songs in the background. If any of these samples resonate with you- check out his bandcamp page.

The fragments:

01. Back this way
02. The Cuck
03. Random Noise for Nat (unreleased)
04. The Switchblade Dance
05. In the valley of gore
06. Witchfinder General Blues
07. Every dawn is a Sunday morning
08. The Smokestack
09. Sugar in your tears
10. The Royal We (with The Landseers)
11. Howl Buccaneer

Stefan James does the work.

03. Black Angel's Death Song (1966)
This is one of my favorite songs by the Velvet Underground. This sounds like the NYC version of Maggie's Farm by Dylan- which was recorded only a year before this one. I wish this song was longer. Meaningful chaos.

04. 060723_fourth (2023)
A #WIP. Guitar, bass, a lot of reverb, and faux clarinet. Music for a quiet evening. Nothing more than that.

Heads up- the July episode is going to be very special. Stay tuned.





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