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CAMP.Radio | episode 034 | field notes | 19.04.2023

You can tell that spring has arrived when you find insects in your cocktail glass.
Cue the lawnmower intro.

Let's do this.

01. Drust Jive (2017)
A classic summer night groove from SARN, joined by a cast of brilliant San Francisco area musians (Rob Shelton and Jason Slota) and mixed by John Vanderslice. This song is listed as 94 Villager on the 2018 release, HELLATRIPPIN.

02. 032923_guitar (2023)
Lo-fi minimal guitar always wins my heart. In this piece I ramble on about painting the barn- which is a work in progress. That's how I meditate. Painting shit that has worn out a long time ago.

03. Video Cassette Recorder (2023)
It is really hard not to admire the work of John Vanderslice. As a writer, performer, engineer, and producer- he skips across genres like a poor-person's version of David Bowie, because he can. Video Cassette Recorder is from a brand new release of glitched guitars, electronica, and short form ambient works titled, Crystals 3.0.

UPDATE:: This week Vanderslice's studio Tiny Telephone was robbed and irreplaceable equipment was lost. Go to his bandcamp page and help raise funds to get them back up and running- or click on this embedded tweet and donate through the gofundme page.

04. Under No Enchantment (2022)
Debbie Armour and Gayle Brogan can do something that most musicians have tried to do, but failed. This pair of artists have bridged traditional folk music and something close to 21st-century psychedlia or electronica. The result is amazing on several levels. This song is just one example.

05. #daytripping (2015)
This was recorded in a rented house on Nantucket. It was one of the best summers ever. The optimal season for exploration is once again upon us.

06. Lost Lake Field Recording 1 (2023)
This composition, rendered from a set of field recordings, by the photographer/artist Marion Belanger was recently used in a group art exhibit called [un]Certain Futures.

07. Half Dollar in F Major (2023)
John Calvin Abney is sort of like John Vanderslice, in that he has played across genres in either a backing, or solo, role. This piece, from Departure Nocturnes, is played on a prepared piano with other ambient sounds. Brilliant.

08. Kaleidoscope (2021?)
Summer is the perfect season for lo-fi slowcore punk. And summer is coming. This is Sweet Benfica. I heard they're from Spain but they sound more like Wales. [Note to self: schedule an interview with Stefan for the next episode.] Click here to review their catalogue. Trust me.

09. 041723_piano (2023)
A #WIP drone. Early April was a little weird. Getting better. Painting the barn.






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