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CAMP.Radio | episode 033 | field notes | 22.03.2023

Better days are coming. That's a rumor that I have recently heard. No talking during this episode. March was busy and passed quickly. When I compiled the final version of this mix at 01:30 I really did not feel like talking to anyone. This might be your lucky day.

01. If I Could Close My Eyes and Pretend (2023)
A new spacey Spacemoth single is always a pleasant surprise. Stylistically similar to No past No future- but moving to a higher level of understated complexity. It gets trippy towards the end.

02. 031923_drone_2 (2023)
A lo-fi #WIP for bass and minimal guitar.

03. DMT/JMZ (2023)
Chad Matheny is a fierce advocate for access to public transportation and improving infrastructure. As part of his current tour, Emperor X has released a collection of live recordings about infrastructure challenges facing each of the cities he is performing in called- Suggested Improvements to Transportation Infrastructure in the Northeast Corridor. Matheny's lyrics are always humorous and deadly serious. Please do not fuck with Emperor X.

For more information on the Emperor X tour and listen to this thematic work hit the bandcamp page.

04. 032123_delay (2023)
A rainy day spent with a delay pedal #WIP. There is a lot of noise in the signal chain. I played a chord on the guitar- then went to do something else. When I came back 30 minutes later the chord was still cycling- so I hit the record button. As I always say- you have to start before anything else happens.

05. work in progress (2023)
This is a layered set of field recordings by the New York based artist Ann Burke Daly.

06. 031623_F1 (2023)
A cello drone with minimal guitar and MIDI-rendered clarinet. The Kanzler leaned hard into the F note. Patiently.

07. Country of Singing Hills (2023)
In 2021 a catastrophic winter storm brought most of Texas to a standstill. This piece is from a larger worked called, The Storm Variations. John Calvin Abney captures the stillness and the gravity of weather, rendered as music, through sparse writing and some very brilliant engineering and mixing. The notes in this piece sound quite natural- but there is a lot of very subtle play going on that demonstrates Abney's masterful and creative manipulations of sound.

08. 031723_piano (2023)
I am getting whimsical in my old age. Two piano chords, three guitar notes, a bicycle for hi-hat (I use this sample A LOT), and an AWAY suitcase as a kick drum. Starting and stopping. And starting again. That is how it works. #WIP

09. Bicinium (2023)
A cello and double bass drone. Great writing and performance of neo-classical drone ambient music by Marco Baldini. Top notch.

10. a thin veil (2019)
A broke-ass keyboard and two guitar notes. I was playing with textures- painting the background for something else. And then painting over it again.

11. untitled improvisation for flotsam and jetsam (2023)
On 25 February, the artist Peter Liversidge invited a group of artists to play at the closing of his exhibition, Either / OR at Kate MacGarry, a gallery in London. I am still trying to get the details on this performance. I was intrigued by a couple of short video clips showing cello, guitar, and clarinet players staked out in the corners of the gallery space where the installation/sculpture Flotsam and Jetsam was displayed. Jack Cooper, Heather Roche, and Dominic Lash provided the perfect soundtrack for a flotilla of boats and ships made from Liversidge's found pieces of wood, branches, and string.

Using the source material from the video, I did three things: 1. looped the 1-minute 40-second audio several times and 2. reversed and looped the source audio as a secondary track. Then, 3. mixed the two together.

Closing credits. Thank you for listening. I love you.

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