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CAMP.Radio | episode 032 | 22.02.2023

It is snowing in the lower Connecticut River valley today.

01. beaver dam 1 (2023)
Welcome back. The program opens with an alt-mix of a #WIP by the Noank Guitar Ensemble, featuring Dr. Carini. This piece pops up a few more times over the hour.

02. screen grab audio 01 (2023)
Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) occasionally posts short videos on twitter that I find very instructional. How often do you get to watch a genius drummer work out a new (or old) beat? Presented here as a loop of one thin section of audio in the twitter vid. I thought about adding some angular piano chords from our out-of-tune Yamaha piano, but then thought better. This piece stands on its own.

Here is the original:

03. Geography. (2023)
This is another piece that I found on twitter in February. Tarotplane posted a video of a guitar session using the classic Fripp/Eno tape delay. Two reel-to-reel decks chained together. The tape hits the record head of the first deck, then travels to the play head on the second deck, then loops back around. This technique has been in use for over 50 years- but I always stop and listen when I see/hear someone doing it again. You should follow @tarotplane_ on twitter to see/hear more ambient works in progress, and hit the bandcamp page for the finished pieces.

04. 020723_bass_drone (2023)
At the beginning of February I was working on a pretty basic guitar, bass, drum, drone thing. It is a very quiet piece. Not a lot of action or variation. But the overall vibe was pleasing, so I sat and thought about it one day. Then I realized: it needed an element of chaos. So I sent a text to my long-time collaborator, Dr Carini, and said, "Turn on one of your old amps and record a few minutes of feedback in D for me. But you have to do it today." Later in the day I received the file, that he recorded on his phone- and it worked as intended. Parts of the feedback file appear later in the program.

05. The Dream's Dream (1978)
The second Television album, Adventure is not as good as Marquee Moon because. I really dislike that premise. There are great moments across the entire Television catalogue. There are also flaws. That is how it works. The Dream's Dream ticks all of the right boxes- literate lyrics and a very dynamic tension between two guitars that decorate brilliantly understated bass and drum work. That is my hot take.

06. 020623_piano (2023)
A #WIP piano and bass drone. Nothing more. Suggestions encouraged.

07. 011523_noise (2023)
I made a chunga-chunga drum track, with the intention of adding a harsh noise drone over the top. A one-chord deal. And I had a few minutes of feedback from Dr Carini. That is what this is. A fast D chord. So, I'm fishing trout now. Mercy.

08. Glass at 86 (2023)
On his birthday, 31 January, Philip Glass posted a short video on twitter of a short piano phrase. I do not recognize it by name. I looped the piece for several minutes. He is a treasure.

09. 021723_guitar (2023)
I have been trying to expand my palette- in audio and painting/craftwork. This is a #WIP exercise in pursuit of that goal. I also used this exercise to improve dexterity and discipline in performance.

10. Celestial Transgression (2023)
If you have listened to the entire experimental trash series, you have already heard several of Robyn Hitchcock's instrumental pieces. I was delighted to learn that he recently released an entire album of instrumentals called Life After Infinity. This piece reminds me of the I Often Dream of Trains era. I am ok with that.

11. 021523_piano_1 (2023)
A #WIP for piano, muted bass, and ambient reverb. Why not?

12. beaver dam 2 (2023)
another #WIP edit of acoustic guitar played by Dr Carini.

13. noise inter (2023)
Excerpt loop of a noisy work in progress.

14. Miles Away (2023)
Yo La Tengo has always been a revolutionary band because they have been an evolutionary band. Dig it. Notes for their 2023 release, This Stupid World, plainly state that album is their first true #DIY album. They wrote, performed, engineered, recorded, and mixed the album. The result is one of the best albums in their VERY deep catalogue. I will stop here before I embarrass myself.

15. beaver dam 3 (2023)
Closing credits. I love you.

an old fish stand on the side of the road

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