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CAMP.Radio | episode 031 | 25.01.2023

Let's have a drink and I will tell you a few stories about Emperor X.

01. Roland concept piano demo (2023)
Some one sent me audio and video of a demo for the Roland 50th Anniversary Concept Piano. An electric piano housed in a sculptured wooden case. Drones can hover nearby with 360-degree speakers. Crafted by hand and machine by the Japanese furniture maker, Karimoku, this is a beautiful piece of art and engineering. High-end art meets high-end tech. At the demo, there was a very competant hired pianist playing the demo. As presented here: One track raw audio, with crowd sounds. One track reversed. One track time stretched. One track reverbed. You can read about it here.

NOTE: The interstitial music used throughout episode 031 is audio that I captured from Chad Matheny's YouTube channel. This channel is a great resource that drills down into his writing and recording processes.

02. 010523_guitar (2023)
A #WIP. Because you have to start somewhere. What happens next is anyone's guess.

03. The Anthem of the Greater McMurdo Station Chamber of Commerce. (2022)
The Lakes of Zones B and C has taken a while to grow on me. During our conversation, I said to Chad- "Man, where is the weird shit?" Because every Emperor X album has been, by design, WAY off kilter. This album is different. And I am ok with that.

a photo of some twigs fell down during a storm

04. Chad Matheny (Emperor X) conversation (2023)
Chad is many things: songwriter, composer, performer, mixing engineer, Florida refugee, co-owner of a bar in Berlin, graduate student in Philosopy, and Emperor X. I have not spoken with him since before the pandemic. I am not going to transcribe the conversation- you will have to listen to it. Also- he has invited anyone reading this to play at an open mic at DONAU115.

A few years ago, Chad picked up and relocated to Germany. First Berlin, now out near the border with Poland. We collide on a random basis and pick up the conversation where it left off. While we were talking in this segment, I looped segments of pieces from Chad Matheny's extensive catalogue- and almost all of it is available here- on his bandcamp page. The pieces included here:

1. Pieces sampled from the Chad Matheny / Emperor X YouTube channel.
2. Kafka Goes to Primark.
3. Exterminata Beat.
4. A loop from Defiance.
5. I Will Always Hear from Joytaker's Rake.
6. A loop from the intro to Hummingbird.
7. Do not claim you honor them, You do not know how to honor them from The Lakes of Zones B and C.
8. Loops of the title track to the album Oversleepers International.
9. Fragments of Wasted on the Senate floor (pairs with the conversation).

You really need to listen to this one.

05. 30000 Euros (2017)
Google it.

06. Loose Ends (2023)
During our conversation, Chad Matheny turned me on to The Notwist- a band I had never heard of. They have a very interesting catalogue of music. This track is from their soon-to-be released album, Vertigo Days: Live from the Alien Research Center. Nice stuff. Click here to hit their bandcamp page.

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