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CAMP.Radio | episode 030 | 12.28.2022

Cloudy skies, short days, holidays, tend to slow everything down. Anticipation/anxiety and lack of focus set in. It is called seasonal affective disorder. I am celebrating the new year by cleaning my desk and starting a new notebook to keep this song and dance show organized. Good times.

a polished desk and a new notebook

01. Secular Winter Song (2017)
This is my interpretation of a holiday classic. Very cheerful. Have a drink. This is not a year end retrospective.

02. Carbide Fizz (2022)
The duo, known as, Kinbrae, collaborated with Clare Archibald to produce one of my favorite albums of the year- The Birl of Unmap. Ambient electronic drones mixed with field recordings and spoken word are the perfect soundtrack to accompany the winter quiet.

03. Fuchsia Dreamers (2020)
I stumbled upon the music of Haved Jabib and Comets in Cardigans on twitter. This 2020 release contains three pieces that combine field recordings, ambient/environmental sounds, and analogue/digital drones. Edgy ambient music.

04. Nothing short of something (2022)
During 2022, Throat and Chest produced a series of weekly recordings. Sounds from daily life, looped, modulated, and distorted. After listening to these pieces over the last few months it documents the pace of life. Also, the titles are often very clever. Nothing short of something is the 52nd chapter of their series- and it looks like the project will continue. At some point I really want to cut some samples from these pieces to create something new.

05. 122622_guitar (2022)
A lot of #WIP is pretty cringe- and this piece is a good example. The other thing about any work in progress is that it is just a start- and subject to change or dismissal. This is what a first draft sounds like. I'm not digging the EQ and texture/attack of the acoustic guitar. Those definitly need to change. I will revisit this piece and get back to you in a month. I might use some Throat and Chest samples for percussive elements.

a metal goat decorated with lights

06. Song VII (2008)
Wendy Sutter plays Philip Glass on the beautiful collection, Songs and Poems for Solo Cello. I took the introduction phrase and looped it- overlaying other parts (trills and drones) from other parts of Song VII.

07. Some of them are old (1974)
Here Come the Warm Jets by Brian Eno is one of my favorite albums. It is very whimsical AND very heavy. Some of them are old is one of the songs that has both humor and instensity.

08. Clouds Flowers Sky Water (2022)
Like Brian Eno, Euros Childs also combines humor with intensity, with very similar skill and precision. The career of Childs is long and well documented- and the latest album, Curries continues his minimalist phase. Most of the tracks are stripped down to the basics. Percussion sounds like some one thumping on a cardboard box. There might be a piano, or an organ, or a melodica. The arrangements are perfect because they are simple. The lyrics are poetic and not prosaic. The thing is- it all comes together, like a magic trick.

09. Seneca Cliff (2022)
A new album of next-gen electronic music by Beau Sorenson- Indifference Will Devour You demonstrates engineering as an artform. Using a collection of new and vintage synthesizers, Sorenson literally weaves imagined scenes using creative mixes and motifs. These are pieces of music that stand on their own- but could also be used to soundscape many different settings and situations. Seneca Cliff is very thoughtfully composed and flawlessly performed work. I dig this.

10. retrospect (2015)

Good night and good luck. Roll the credits.

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