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CAMP.Radio | episode 028 | 11.02.22

One of the pulleys gave out on the mower deck while I was mulching leaves. Cleaned myself up and sat down to write the field notes and found a tick trying to bite into my arm. The joys of pastoral life. For some reason I talked A LOT more than usual in this episode.

01. 102922_drone (2022)
This #WIP describes a recent writing and arranging process. In the first section I identify the tones- where they came from and their role in the piece. There is narration for your convenience. The second half of the piece is an arrangement of the tones generated. Another variation of this might appear on the next episode. If you have any suggestions- please let me know. I will try to post the stem files here soon.

02. Sun Drift (2022)
Sweet Benfica is the new sound of NEATH. Stefan James is a master lo-fi guitarist. He can take a very dirty sound and turn it into a melody. Or a meditative drone. Or both. This is a sample of the first 45 seconds of a new track Stefan is working on- which I chopped up and looped. Sweet Benfica bandcamp page

03. Morgan painting (2022)
I am thinking about writing a book about an American abstract-expressionist painter.

04. Imaginary Friend (2022)
Kukan Effect is a Japanese solo ambient musician and photographer. That is what the bio says. The textures in this piece stand on their own. Great slow arrangements of processed guitar. There is a pretty nice catalogue of work on the Kukan Effect bandcamp page (click here)- and most of it is free. Dig it.

05. Absent (2020)
Back in the day- the Connecticut River valley had an interesting semi-underground outsider music scene. Hearing Absent by All Feels reminded me of those days. This is one of the best examples of how to combine drone with slow-pop. In this presentation I extended the intro drone- but then when the "song" starts- the drone continues for the next three minutes. When it drops out- you know it. Because the tone is absent. All Feels bandcamp page

06. Best Laid Plans (2022)
Ash Cooke has been extremely busy this year. A new Derrero album was recently released and he has put out some very interesting improvised solo guitar recordings- and also a Pulco-ish album. How does he do it?

Actions of Strength, Protest & Truth is the fourth release of solo improvised guitar that Ash has released THIS YEAR. This track, Best Laid plans is my favorite from the new album. I listened too it on repeat the other day while I was walking with Charlie. When you're walking on a country road there are a lot of random sounds. Ash contributed additional guitar tones which blended pretty nicely with what was going on at the moment. Along the way, I pointed out significant geological, environmental, and historical features. Then I took the recording and re-arranged the parts in several variations. Ash Cooke bandcamp page






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