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CAMP.Radio | episode 027 | 10.05.22

The autumn days are getting shorter- so like the common grey squirrel I scurry around during the daylight hours to get as much done as possible before dark. episode 027 features guitar-based drone music, field recordings, and a very long remix of solo cello. START THE TRACTOR.

01. For plastic accordion and guitar (2022)
This #WIP was constructed for the annual Dark Outside festival- a 24 hour-long broadcast of music that has never been publicly presented. This year it ran to 25 hours. At the end- all of the music from the program is deleted. NOTE TO SELF: Try to get an interview with Stuart for a future epsisode.

02. Digital Tsunami (2002 original / 2022 cover)
Recently, Helena Celle posted a short clip of this cover of a Drexciya track. I looped this piece many times- because the very short clip had a very nice flow. Celle is a technically brilliant electronic musician that randomly posts works in progress and recording knowledge on twitter as free_musick. Definitely worth following.

03. Yard sounds and sourdough (2022)
a collage of #fieldrecordings by SHR. Sounds from inside and outside the house while making bread on an end of summer evening. A Boston Terrier occasionally barks.

04. My wish for you (2022)
A piece for two guitars by the Noank Guitar Ensemble- inspired by @plunkett. He played a somewhat delicate and repeated phrase on an acoustic guitar- but due to seasonal allergies the microphone was picking up A LOT of his breathing. Running the track back through a distortion pedal blended his rhythmic breath with the Guild D-40 guitar. A second clean guitar phrase, bass guitar, minimal vocals, and percussion were added later.

05. The Price You Pay (2021)
The closing track from the album Hey What by Low is a sprawling psych-metal journey. Alan Sparhawk treats guitar effect pedals like separate and distinct instruments. Not anyone can do this so effectively and artfully. Killer track. No further notes.

06. I bet you knew that was going to happen (2022)
Another piece from the Throat and Chest collective. Each week they post a new recording on their bandcamp page. The pieces in their catalogue are primarily derived from field recordings, which may, or may not be, subject to further manipulation. I am still trying to track them down so I can ask more detailed questions on their methods and techniques. This 6-minute track sound industrial- but who knows, it might be a purring cat.

07. Tears are in your eyes (2000)
Yo la Tengo has a song for every day/month/season/emotion. This is one of my favorite October songs.

08. Sonata for unaccompanied cello (1950)
The Janos Starker recording of Kodaly's sonata is beautiful. Sections of both droning and lyrical play. That final 15 minutes of episode 027 are a remix of this piece- looping sections that I like, modulating other sections. Pitch shifting and time stretching. It is a fun exercise to experiment with some great source material.

09. good night and good luck (2022)
Closing credits over the SHR field recording.

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