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CAMP.Radio | episode 026 | 09.07.22

The #drone genre appeals to me. I find it calming. Just a few repeating notes, or a couple of thoughtfully played chords, make a great soundtrack for daily listening. episode 026 features guitar-based drone music, field recordings, and spoken word.

Usually, after each experimental trash broadcast, I spend a week away from music. I don't play, I don't write, I don't practice, I don't listen. This week I have a landscaping project that I've committed to- and my ears need to rest. The point is- the field notes for episode 026 are a work in progress, because I wanted to get it out and share it in a timely manner. Some of the music in this episode really requires a lot more words for context and appreciation, and I will try to add them over the next few days.

01. Duck and Person (2022)
i warned you. The first track uses two pieces audio that I found on twitter: 1. A duck playing a drum, and 2. David Lynch offer good wishes for a new day- no matter what the weather is. HAVE A GREAT DAY.

here is the David Lynch source material.

and here is the drumming duck source material.

I put the two parts together, did some editing. Added a low-end kick drum, and I think just a distorted A chord.

02. Waiting at Newark International (2022)
SHR recently went to Newark International Airport to drop off a friend on a return trip to Germany. As usual, there was a lot of waiting around. #fieldrecording

03. Tate Riding the Escalators (2022)
a brilliant #fieldrecording-based work by @throatandchest. This piece is part of an impressive, and ever-growing, set of recordings that you can access via their Bandcamp page (click it)

04. Gatekeeping (2022)
#spokenword by @dezmo - and the negative influence of gatekeepers in the independent music scene. This is a raw and very honest take.

05. Grass Airfield (2022)
This is a #noise #drone from the the Noank Guitar Ensemble, featuring Dr. Carini. Nicely imagined source material. I dig repetition.

06. untitled, live (2022)
Recently, peterliversidge attended a performance by Pan American. Peter recorded a few short clips from this solo show and posted them to twitter. Very minimal, yet very textural. Of the three clips I saw on twitter, I cut two different chords from one of the pieces. Then I put them together in opposite order, then I looped it for a while. Just two chords, played with a delicacy that renders them poignant. Mark K. Nelson is a brilliant composer and performer.

This is the source material recorded by @peterliversidge. I used about 2 seconds from this clip. Snipped one chord. Snipped another chord. Loop. Repeat.

07. 082222_guitar (2022)
This is a work in progress that been rattling around recently. #drone #ambient

Click here if you would like to download the stem files for 082222_guitar.

08. Outskirts, Dreamlit (2022)
Another piece from Pan American, this one from The Patience Fader album. Truly beautiful minimalism and great engineering. To hear more of Mark K. Nelson's work - check the Bandcamp.

09. sunday session (2022)
This is another piece from the Noank Guitar Ensemble series, this time featuring @plunkett. This is a very simple acoustic guitar loop/drone. @plunkett is a very comfortable collaborator. Sometimes we play together- and sometimes I just leave the room and he plays. There is more material from this session that will probably appear on episode 027.

10. of the ancient world (2022)
This is another brilliant piece of music that uses #fieldrecordings as an instrument by @throatandchest. When you go through their catalogue- there are a lot of different names mentioned. This series of recordings is very much an evolving work in progress and it is definitely worth my time to follow their progress.

11. untitled, live (2022)
If you really liked the loop from the recent Pan American concert that was played earlier in this episode- here it is again. yes- because i found it pleasing. Have I mentioned that I really like simple repetition?

12. good night and good luck (no date)
Closing credits over then/when. Thank you for listening.

#ambient #noise #drone #fieldrecording






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