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CAMP.Radio | episode 025 | 08.10.22

The August moon is cruel. Too hot to sleep and too hot to work outside. The dogs have all shifted to energy conservation mode. Me too.

01. Wildfire Suite 2 (2021)
In 2021, John Calvin Abney released an album of beautiful ambient music titled, Wildfire Suite. This track is Wildfire Suite 2. John is best known as a musician that works in the Americana genre- but this album demonstrates that he has a talent that allows him to jump genres. Check out John's catalogue on @bandcamp. I think you will agree.

02. Hautacam (2022)
Stage 18 of the 2022 Tour de France was epic. In 2014 I was writing music while watching the Tour, and that year Stage 18 also went over Hautacam. In this piece, I took some parts from the 2014 race and combined them with new material from 2022. I love Phil Liggett. WELCOME BACK!

03. Reborn (2022)
Fur Trader is a very gifted and talented musician. Like the Abney piece that started this program- Reborn is very much outside the expected norm for this artist.

This short clip is noisy as fuck- so of course I had to loop it a few times.

04. Thaw (2021)
As I said in the podcast, Kate, I love the simple crunching loop of winter and i want it to be winter. Thank you! For all you groovers- this is how you make great music. Take a simple idea, use what you have, loop it. You do not need a modular synth to make awesome music. The Flood the engine EP is brilliant. Click here to check it out.

05. Arrival (2021)
Another track from John Calvin Abney's beautiful ambient album. This one is relatively short- but I find the tones quite pleasing.

06. asynchronous writing exercise (2022)
My writing "process" is really a mixed bag. There are times when I find simple clusters of notes and record them. Then I listen to them and think about what might come next. Then I record some new notes. Put them in front of the first cluster. Then put them behind the first cluster. My audio workstation is like a chalk board. I just walk by it and make a couple of marks. Then come back later.

It goes:
C and E
C and F
C and A
C and F
most of it is just C E and F.

Then in the second part, I tried to impose a structure by disentangling randomly recorded notes.

07. Panoramic V and VI (2022)
Buchlaworks, Module 3 is the latest release from Beaunoise. Spledid droning. Super textures. This is environmental music- and we need more of this.

I you would like to hear a recent interview with Beau Sorenson check the expiermental trash archive.

08. untitled (2022)
Body War identifies as an improvisational punk noise band. To date, they have not recorded any of their work. They don't have a Bandcamp page. They play live shows in dirt lots around Las Vegas. I found this piece on twitter. It was a short video clip. I thought it was compelling. I looped it a few times. There is something in this. Here's the clip:

09. Peer (2022)
I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN: I would describe the album, Birl of Unmap, as a work of environmental ambience. The sounds, tempo, and sonic arrangement is a musical soundtrack to the life/ecology/geology of the region where the brothers Truscott, aka Kinbrae and Clare Archibald live. I hope that we see a lot more environmental/geological-derived music in the future. Great drone, brillaint arrangement. Great vocals at the end. This piece, Peer, has a lot of frayed edges, but each one was carefully worn and formed.

10. Phoenixville 2 (2022)
Every year, since 2004, I write a ceremonial song to commemorate the death of one of my relatives, Gen. Nathaniel Lyon. This track is the 2022 variation which is just G and C. No words this year. Banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, piano, and minimal drums.

11. Hey Charlie, Hey Chuck (2006?)
First they were Bearsuit then they were Mega Emotion and/or Lady Di. Jan, Lisa, and Iaian are very smart people and great song writers. This is a varaiation on one of their early songs, Hey Charlie, Hey Chuck- only the lyrics were transcribed to Finnnish. I love this recording.

12. #daytripping (2015)
In 2014, we went on a fantastic vacation to Nantucket. We wondered what it would be like to live 20 miles out in the Atlantic. We definitely should have bought the house.

Thank you for listening. I love you. #ambient #noise #drone #fieldrecording






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