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The spring season lasts approximately one week in this region- then it's on to monsoon season. This is the time of year for catching up on house painting, landscaping, and keeping weeds out of the garden. episode 023 provided a much needed distraction, mostly because I had the opportunity to have a great conversation with Maryam Qudus, musician, engineer, and producer based in the San Francisco bay area. Much more on that later.

01. improvisation 1 (2022)
Plunkett was at the farmhouse recently, and brought his very nice Les Paul guitar- along with a Chase Bliss Audio MOOD pedal. I set put a couple of microphones on a couple of different amplifiers and left the room. Samples from this session appear throught episode 023.

a collection of guitar peddles

02. Maryam Qudus interview, part 1 (2022)
Maryam is a legend. Musician, recording engineer, and producer with an extensive AND impressive resume (click here if you don't believe me).

I recently had the chance to speak with Maryam- and we talked about a range of subjects touching on her multiple roles in the creation and production of music. She works across genres and brings a fresh, and sometimes unorthodox, approach to each one.

Throughout this conversation, the backing soundtrack is a sample of both ambient work, under the banner of Doe Eye. Also included in this part of the interview is a piece she recently recorded for the dream/psych band La Luz.

03. SARN vs Emperor X (2011, 2018, 2022)
SARN and Emperor X are two of my favorite musicians. One is on the west coast and the other is based in Germany. I decided to loop a few complementary sections of their work (Drust Jive, Western Teleport, and Sincerely, HG Pregerson) to create an audio interlude for this program. I find it soothing.

04. dog sequence (2022)
This is another piece by Plunkett, accompanied by the Noank Guitar Ensemble. dog sequence is a layered series of guitar loops with a seasonal tone.

05. Maryam Qudus interview, part 2 (2022)
Part 2 of the interview is bookended by a pair of tracks from Maryam's new spacemoth album, No Past No Future. At the beginning, This shit and at the conclusion Pipe and Pistol. These are both banging songs- marked by meticulous production. I will say it one more time, spacemoth sounds like the 21st-century version of Young Marble Giants- in the best possible way.

Maryam Qudus from the video Pipe and Pistol

In the second part of our conversation, Maryam goes into detail on her process of adapting and responding to creative and technical challenges- whether in writing and recording her own music or engineering the work of other artists. In part 2, there is a loop of material by Sad13 and more ambient pieces from the b-room album.

06. improvisation 2 (2022)
The program concludes with an extended edit guitar improvisation by Plunkett. Solo electric guitar, a couple of pedals, and two microphones on a guitar amp (front and back). I tried to weave the mix together using sections from a 48-minute long recording- but he did all of the work.

Program note: This episode is dedicated to our canine companion, Emma Merriwether, who left us on 7 June. No words. Just love.

Emma Merriwether






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