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episode 021 includes a barking dog introduction, loops, drones, empty swimming pools, a cutup of Jah Wobble's words and music, and an antique portative organ. Most of the source material for this epsidode was derived entirely from twitter. #plundercore.

As always if you like the music- please support the artists featured on each program. Almost all of the music in the program is available via bandcamp, some of it at no cost. And, as always, special thanks to CAMP Radio for their continued support.

01. Vinyl runout loop (2022)
Mark Weidenbaum posted a video via twitter showing a spinning copy of The Catherine Wheel by David Byrne at the end of January. It was last the two seconds of the last song on Side A, Big Business. I asked Mark if I could loop it for the program, and he replied "yes" (that's my version), but only if I promised to preserve the context/glitch/integrity of the track.

Here is the original video and the audio. When looped, the sound creates a very pleasing drone. I have let this loop play in the background for an hour, or more, during daytime work/tasks.

02. Trout fishing in Connecticut (2022)
My oldest friend, Dr Carini, sent me a piece of improvised classical guitar. I stripped it down to the simplest elements and overlapped several loops of the most sonically interesting parts. This is a new project: The Noank Guitar Ensemble. All of the sounds in this piece are derived from a 60-second long recording. I added fragments from a recent phone conversation we had.

03. #workinprogress (2022)
This is a newly evolving piece. A repeating measure of guitar, bass, and minimal percussion.

04. Out of tune. Upstaged by Dog. (2022)
Sarah Angliss played a Portative Organ and posted a short, but brilliant, video on twitter. This is an antique organ, powered by a hand bellow. This means, one hand plays the keys and the other hand rhythmically pumps the bellow. The originally audio had a great atmospheric reverb. I added a very slight stereo delay. This is another piece that I looped for about 5-minutes- and I've been playing it as background music when I'm writing.

05. Trombone in an empty swimming pool (2022)
A tweet that included video of Michael Owers performing solo trombone in an empty swimming pool went viral on twitter a few weeks ago. Owers wrote this piece, 3ft Deep and Descending, as a commissioned work for the Aberdeen Jazz Festival. There is not a full recording of the piece- which sounds fantastic. I looped the audio with slight EQ correction. Check it:

06. The Wisdom of Wobble (2022)
Jah Wobble is an active twitter user, and uses the platform to provide an entertaining glimpse into parts of his life. He offers lessons on how to properly use wheeled luggage, football commentary, photos from shows with his band, and scenes of his talented family members playing traditional Chinese instruments.

I took audio from four of Wobble's twitter videos and looped them for almost 10-minutes. Here is the source material:
1. A short example of beatboxing.
2. A short piece of his son Charlie playing a traditional Chinese violin at the dining room table.
3. An instructional video on how to use an elevator.
4. Wobble in a library, singing "the library."

The beatbox loop in this video provides the foundation. It goes on for over 9-minutes.

I used three samples from this video. One bar of the the piece straight. Then the same bar distorted. Then the same bar time-stretched to a measure.

Wobble did an interesting video on how to check an elevator for supernatural alteration before entering. The creaking of the gate was sampled.

Wobble in a library, singing, "Is this the library?" How could I not sample this?

The beatboxing loop was hypnotic. If you listen to it long enough you start to hear different words- even though it's just a 12-second loop. Wild. You should follow @realjahwobble on twitter. He's very clever, smart, and very sweet.

07.Some Kinda Fatigue (1992)
In my universe, Yo la Tengo is summer music. Everything speeds up in the spring, reaches a dream/fever state in summer, slows down in fall, and slumbers through winter. Some Kinda Fatigue is an edgy space/psych jam. Like watching a fish swimming in shallow water.

08. Invisible Forest (2020)
This piece was created as part of a giveaway album for subscribers of TQ zine. A descending progression of guitar chords looped and augmented by harmonics and other sounds, with minimal percussion.

09. Symphony No 12, Lodger, VII. Red Sails (2019/2022)
Philip Glass premiered the final chapter his Bowie trilogy in 2019- and the recorded version was released in 2022. Red Sails is the last track of the album. Dreamy, slightly ominous, with short outbursts. Very Bowie. Very Glass.






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