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episode 019 is a mix of the old and the new. And by new, I mean some of this material was completed 10 hours before broadcast. No sleep.

As always if you like the music- please support the artists featured on each program. Almost all of the music in the program is available via bandcamp, some of it at no cost. And thanks again to CAMP Radio for their continued support.

01. Totally Wired (1981)
Cold War angst, anyone? A classic, and timeless, track from The Fall. Seemed fitting.

02. #workinprogress (2022)
Solo electric guitar and heavily redacted thoughts regarding the recent passing of my Uncle David.

03. Pissing [cover of a song by Low] (2022)
The artist Sweet Freeze recently sent me a link to a great cover of this Low track. Nice dynamic/tension in this version. The bass, guitar, and vocals are very well mixed. Very well. This is how you DIY. If you like Low- you will certainly like this one.

04. #workinprogress (2022)
Plow (or plough), is a new piece that I've been working on. The lyrics are from a song that was originally written almost 30 years ago. Carbon dated.

05. Drones against fascism 2 (2018)
Doug Kallmeyer (@dubpixel)- has a video pinned to his twitter feed of a very nice synth-drone. It is called, Drones agains fascism 2: these machines sedate fascists. Here is the original (which I looped for this program).

06. #workinprogress loop (2022)
This piece was going to go some where. Might need a compass to finish it. This is also an unsolicited endorsement for the suite of great virtual instruments that are available free from the very kind folks at LABS/Spitfire Audio. This piece will likely reappear in a future episode with added and/or subtracted elements. For now it is just a two chord drone of lo-fi sampled strings.

07. #workinprogress 020522 (2022)
Solo electric guitar melody and feedback. It was very late at night.

08.Waiting [demo] (2022)
Slothrust is working on a new album- which is always cool. They posted a video on twitter, so I looped it. Why not? Toy piano fucking rules- especially when it's not a plug-in.

09. #workinprogress 020722_1 (2022)
Solo electric guitar melody fragment. Notes to future self.

10. Attract money in under 8-minutes (2021)
Dezmo is a master/scholar of #plundercore and #vaporwave and is a very serious writer/composer. If you do not know what that means- check the Dezmo catalogue at bandcamp.

11. #workinprogress 020722_2 (2022)
Solo electric guitar feedback. Minimal percussion, just a kick drum. Some reversed stuff. Textures. More work required. Nothing is ever finished.

And then I looked at the clock and it was 04:00- and I was short 7:00 minutes for this episode. Sorry about that. It happens.






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