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Field recordings, works in progress, loops, improvised guitar, and an conversation with engineer/musician Beau Sorenson. FUN.

01. #workinprogress (2022)
A time stretched wind chime, garage door, navigating an icy walkway, droning guitar. Typical end of January sketchbook. I will probably continue working on some of the parts.

02. The Beau Sorenson Interview, Part 1 (2022)
Recording engineer, mixing engineer, producer, and musician- just a few of the hats the Beau Sorenson wears. He takes each role seriously and approaches of each with a distinctively different approach. Sorenson has an extremely impressive resume and is very quick witted- and you should click here to visit his web site.

photo of the installation

We spoke on January 19 and touched on a broad range of topics related to recording and creating music. During the conversation a sample of Sorenson's music catalogue provides a nice audio background. Some of the sampled pieces include: Mt Yamantau, Bush of Creeps, Tilden Loop, Nagra Loop 12/10/18, and 175 micrograms. You can quickly sense the quality of craftwork in both his own recordings and the work he has done on albums by other artists.

03. Quiet Voices (2021)
The Dodos have a unique sound. And I mean that with great respect. Part of the sound comes from the idiosyncratic and precise guitar work of Meric Long. Because most of the arrangements are minimal in structure, the mix by Beau Sorenson gives the guitar, minimal percussion, and vocals a very subtle, but impactful, density. You listen and figure it out.

04. Rhosyn Mynydd (2022)
The latest release by Ash Cooke is a collection of improvised solo guitar pieces, titled, Ash Cooke. While he is best known for his quirky post-punk-pop and folk-centric material, Cooke's first release on the Wormhole World label is probably better understood as the current page of a new chapter- this is where he is now. Tomorrow might be something different. Presented here is an edited and looped version of Rhosyn Mynydd. While I appreciate Cooke's improvised approach- there were a few passages in this piece that I thought could stand alone in a semi-structured format. Just my opinion. Google it.

05. The Beau Sorenson Interview, Part 2 (2022)
The second half of the interview was pretty entertaining (for me). More discussion of the nature of the different studio roles during the recording process- and managing expectations. In the background, Interfered, Piano III, Piano IX, and a reprise of the time stretched Mt Yamantau. Browse Sorenson's catalogue and scroll down his very long client list- you will probably find something you are familiar with- or should be.

06. The Ocean (2020)
Classic edgy Bob Mould rocker. Comfortably thrashing guitars and strained vocals that could have come from a lost Hüsker Dü session. But this is a track from his latest, Blue Hearts, back in the format of a 3-piece unit with Jason Narducy on bass and John Wurster on drums. Engineered by Beau Sorenson (see a pattern here?). During the interview we talked about managing recording levels and working with loud bands. This is a great example of how to do that.

07. #workinprogress (2022)
Snow on the ground, solo electric guitar and Strymon El Capistan echo unit. Closing credits.









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