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Field recordings, works in progress, loops, improvised guitar, and wrecking nice songs written by other people this month. I really like the introductions to many songs more than the song. Let's check that out.

As always if you like the music- please support the artists featured on each program. Almost all of the music in the program is available via bandcamp, some of it at no cost. And thanks again to CAMP Radio for their continued support.

01. #workinprogress (2021)
I made some field recordings many years ago in Upper Bavaria with a Bird Warden. Then recently recorded some solo guitar and cut/pasted the Bird Warden. He is a wise man. The title is, "Song for the Bird Warden of Upper Bavaria."

02. Gin, if ye kiss my wife I'll tell the minister (1997)
Abby Newton is a treasure on the cello. I took one section from her solo cello section of this piece, reversed it, strecthed it to half-speed, then put a blanket of reverb over the top.

03. #workinprogress (2021)
A piece for solo acoustic guitar. That's the tweet.

04. Heart Full of Leaves (1984)
Robyn Hitchcock is a fantastic song writer. But he is also a very, very good guitarist. I think his technique has been under-rated for a very long time. There are at least three (by my count) versions of this piece. I like the original one the best. This is a piece of music worthy of study.

05. #workinprogress (2021)
Untitled feedback 2 Self explanitory and obvious.

06. Fame and Fortune (1981)
In 1980, Mission of Burma was the Boston version of Pere Ubu. Only this band consisted of three people and one genius mixing engineer. As mentioned above, I really like a good intro. I cut and pasted and looped it.

07. untitled feedback 1 (2021)
The reverb plugins from Valhalla DSP are pretty fucking great.

08. Don Aman (1991)
Slint rules. Full stop. Another intro loop. Step outside.

09. #workinprogress (2021)
A piece for solo acoustic guitar.

10. The Price You Pay (2021)
True story: I've known that Low was a cool band for years. But honestly, I never listened to their music. I've followed Alan on twitter for over a year, because he is pretty open and honest about his music/writing process. Then HEY WHAT got mega-buzz and I tweeted- "hey, can I fuck this up?" and the reply was, "yeah (or something like that). This is The Price You Pay, but I randomly punched in the intro sections of all of the other songs from the album at random intervals. This is truly a brilliant album.

11. untitled feedback 2.1 (2021)
There was more- so I let it roll.





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