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Field recordings, works in progress, loops, and improvised guitar are much easier to capture when you have house guests. The material literally writes itself.

01. work in progress (2021)
Tom and Beth came back for a visit with an interesting selection of cheeses and conversation topics. Part field recording, part looped guitar line.
"Throw a bunch of shit on it and throw it in the oven."

02. Beggar Moon (2021)
Sweet Benfica has been one of my favorite bands for years. Part garage, part punk, mostly thoughtful. The 2021 release, Sweet Benfica Presents a Compendium of Melted Punk is a collection of re-recorded/re-mixed old and new songs. This is an extended edit of the song Beggar Moon. A stripped down arrangement that burns away the shadows.

03. Interlude 1 (2021)
I handed @plunkett a 1963 Guild X-50, hit record, then left the room for a while. A week later I went back and revisited 45-minutes of audio and sampled selected bits. There was no plan.

04. Sonata for unaccompanied cello, Op. 7. (1958)
Source material by Janos Starker.
Cut, pasted, looped, time-stretched music for cello.
If that's your bag.

05. love and the cob oven (2021)
Part field recording with a looped guitar and piano drone. The scraping sound is SHR, at the cob oven, working a batch of bread with a metal baker's peel. She approaches baking the same way that I approach music. I love that about her.

the cob oven

06. Nitebike (2013)
From the brilliant album, Monomania- Nitebike stands out because it is largely a solo accoustic piece. Bradford Cox has an incredible range in his voice, and the guitar work pairs with it perfectly in this piece.

07. Interlude 2 (2021)
Another series of loops sampled from @plunkett's improvised guitar.

08. work in progress (2021)
A looped progression of three piano chords and synth-vox inspired by seasonal affective disorder.

09. The Minaret (heavy edit loop) (2007)
The Minaret is one track from the dystopian classic, Emerald City by John Vanderslice. The piano chords in the intro section are as heavy as a punch in the face. The drums, provided by Jason Slota are downbeat, but only add to the intensity. The intro is my favorite part of this track- so I looped it to try and understand the structure better. Simulated deep listening.

10. Interlude 1 (2021)
A two-position drone by @plunkett for solo guitar.

11. Dinner Party (2021)
Dinner and drinks with five of my favorite people in the world usually goes like this. Current events, ancient history, bicycles, and wine etiquette- with an ocassional reference to goats. The conversation wanders between the threads of a looped three chord progression.

12. Interlude 1 (2021)
The program concludes with another looped mix of solo guitar by @plunkett. Music for an early winter. Looking out the window thinking about family and friends.







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