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The intro sound was a garage door.

01. work in progress (2021)
A few weeks ago I tweeted that I was going to set up a microphone next to our old upright piano and record single random notes when I walked by it. Then I took the mess, deleted a bunch of it, and tried to impose some sort of structure over the few remaining notes. Added some fragments from a German-language video conference call and applied simulated tape delays at random points. It is still very much a work in progress. Working title, piano room c. #OCD

02. work in progress (2021)
This is an iteration of a looped guitar piece that I started on 21 August, as the remnants of Hurrican Henri came ashore in the Connecticut River Valley.

03. Clare Archibald (2021)
On 25 September Clare Archibald presented an audio installation as part of the Sanctuary Lab event in the Galloway Forest. This installation, If trees were lone women- what would they sound like? addred social and environmental issues related to gender and geography. But that is probably an over simplification. I think Archibald's narration, and the work of her 140 collaborators tell the real story.

The installation was created using 17 MP3 players that were attached to trees in roughly a star-shaped pattern. Using social media and her contacts, Archibald collected 7 hours and 40 minutes of audio from 140 artists. The content spanned field recordings, spoken word, poetry, music, and noise. Five of the MP3 players looped single pieces. Twelve of the players asychronously looped the entire 7:40 program. As visitors to the installation walked through the forest they encountered sounds coming from multiple directions and the volume of each player changed as people wandered.

photo of the installation

Photo by Clare Archibald, 2021

When I contacted Clare about trying to recreate the installation online, she generously provided a sample from 24 of the artists, representative of the project. We spoke by phone on 20 October, and her thoughts regarding the project provide perfect context for this "radio" version of If trees were lone women- what would they sound like?

For more detailed information on the installation, with photos and videos, visit the Lone Women in Flashes of Wilderness site.

This was a brilliant concept that was implemented at a modest cost. Hats off to all of the artists that collaborated, and to Clare for the vision and persistence to make it a reality.

photo of the installation

Photo by Clare Archibald, 2021

Track list:

00. Introduction to the installation: Clare Archibald
01. Forest Shutters - Morag Perkins
02. Dream - Aline Flor
03. Breton Song - Sophia Crossman
04. Erthe Night - Layla Legard
05. Dark Woods - Katy Ewing
06. If A Tree Falls in a Forest - Museleon
07. Forest Memories - Cristín Leach (please note accent)
08. Dawn Chorus Above the City - Sheila de Courcy
09. Kurdish Walden - Leila Lois
10. Lus Moileas Poem 2 - Jess McKinney
11. In the Arms of Tree - Annis Catchpole
12. Mother of the Woods - Sinéad Gleeson (with Stephen Shannon) please note accent
13. Forest Manifesto - Pheobe Riley Walker (please note unusual eo spelling)
14. Quantum Nightingale - Amy Cunningham
15. My Fairy Wood - Suzy Angus
16. Poster - Elee Kraljii Gardiner
17. Breaking Ice - Synda Sova
18. Rural Safety - Lisa Jones
19. Shairi - Sadia Mohammed
20. Solo Camping - Sally Baxter
21. Teenage Girls Screaming - Gaynor Jones
22. Thaw - Sweet Freeze
23. Birthing - Burd Ellen
24. Ti kouka - the Doll

04. The Landseers (2015)
Saint David's is a piece of lo-fi psyche-rock from the Wasted EP. Music for three musicians working remotely.

05. the Kanzler (2017-2021)
The time stamp on the file became the title: 110121. the Kanzler is a performing classical musician. A few years ago I recorded a short demo reel for her. Recently, I've gone back and sampled some of the tones and notes from this session for other uses. I thought this was a good time to take some of the samples and make them into a stand-alone piece. Added some field recordings from a grocery shopping run to the nearby village of Deep River.

She recently fractured her upper humerus, which makes cello playing difficult. This is an audio get well card.









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