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In episode 012 we revisit some of the usual suspects. Drones, noise, ambient, and new field recordings from San Francisco and France. The intro and interstitial music are from #daytripping.

And there are a couple of "regular" old-timey songs.

01. Ash Cooke (2021)
Shortly after my interview with Ash Cooke broadcast in episode 10 and episode 011- he sent me a collection of unreleased solo electric guitar tracks, with the following note:

Hi Nat.
Here are some tunes for you to play on the show.
They're not the ones I put out this week.
I'm sending you something more brutal.
Use all or none dear boy.
Just thought I'd send them over.

The collection of music Ash sent me was labeled Sounds of Blaina. I have been a long-time fan of Cooke's music. But I have to admit- his more recent improvisational works are very challenging for me to listen to. Maybe I'm too old and/or set in my ways. I have tried to re-wire my listening. Instead of trying to find a linear sequential pattern- I try to listen for tones. With improvisational music, it's not about the song - it's about the sounds. I took the liberty of sampling my favorite tones from the five tracks of Blaina and re-assembled them with a more ambient vibe. The results include this opening track, Blaina Files 1, the closing track, Blaina Files 2, and the fifth track on this episode, Bread School.

Blaina Files 1 was derived from samples culled from sections of all five of the tracks sent to me. Remember- this person often does not tune his guitar. The tones are slightly distorted and beautifully played. @AshCookeMusic

02. Plunkett (2021)
As they often do, Plunkett and Slade spent a couple of weeks riding along with the Tour de France. This year they ended up in the Pyrenees, riding bikes, eating well, and drinking well. Two weeks ago they landed at the farm and handed me some field recordings from the base of the Col du Tourmalet. Then I had Plunkett sit in front of a microphone with an acoustic guitar. The result combines the dull roar of the crowd, a man saying, "la familia," and the woosh of a speeding pack of cyclists. Here is one of the videos that provided some of the source material for this piece. Feel free to rip the audio from this clip and have fun with it- make something new.

As always, Plunkett dialed in a deep, yet simple, tone. He's very reliable in that way. This piece is titled, Lanterne Rouge. @plunkett

03. XTC (1979)
What can one say? Since the theme of episode 12 is about tone- XTC are masters of the craft. This is a deep-edit/loop/slow-jam of Day In Day Out from Drums and Wires. I have always loved Colin Moulding's understated bass lines. And as a guitarist, Andy Partridge never disappoints- in the right channel he's playing some basic chords- and in the left channel his famous skritchy, skritchy, skritchy sound is infectious. Loop the intro, cut and paste the spin-up sound, loop disembodied vocals. Day In Day Out song has a great groove.

04. work in progress (2021)
A composition for field recording (courtesy of Plunkett), TV sounds, a bicycle chain, and electric guitar.

05. SHR and Ash Cooke (2021)
Bread School was created from a series of field recordings that SHR made in a commercial bakery in San Francisco a few weeks ago. This is paired with a sample from Ash Cooke's Sounds of Blaina.

06. work in progress (2015-2021)
This is a remix of #daytripping, a song that I recorded in a rented house on Nantucket. Basic loop maneuver. A shorter loop from this piece is used to fill the gap between chapters. @natlyon

07. Dezmo (2021)
Thank fucking Christ for this. Dezmo just dropped a collection of four pieces, titled Manifestations. Reportedly the entire project took seven hours. Synth-drones, found sounds, plundered sounds. This is an atmospheric piece, with a fantastic title: Self Healing 528 Hz + 396 Hz for DNA Repair and Fear Removal. @psybrarian

08. Yo La Tengo (2003)
Today is the Day is a great song. There are two basic versions: the droning, feedback drenched version and the downtempo slow burn version. On these intensely hot summer evenings I am drawn to the latter. This is a summer song. And brutally so. @TheRealYLT

09. Ash Cooke (2021)
Blaina File 2 consists of samples from two of the improvised electric guitar tracks Ash Cooke sent me. There was a throbbing drone that I quite liked, so I looped that to infinity. Then there is a short staccato harmonic riff. Then there is a short chord progression. I was trying to make patterns from out of context tones. @AshCookeMusic






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