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episode 010 marks the beginning to a new summer in a new world. This episode features ambient, drone, works in progress, and an interview with Ash Cooke. The program is evolving to feature more of my own work, and a group of artists that I truly respect- moving away from the "playlist" concept of interweb radio, and into a direction closer to the CAMP RADIO mission. I'm trying very hard to improve my "radio voice." Because it's nearly summer, episode 010 starts with the introductory riff to Celebrated Summer by Bob Mould / Husker Du. This will always be my favorite summer song. Even though the first time I saw him play it live I had to drive home in a snow storm...

01. Plunkett (2021)
The Plunketts came up to the farm a few weeks ago. The goal was to record some new music and bake artisan bread. Unfortunately, the length of the recording sessions were determined by the length of time between each stage of the bread baking process. In this piece, Bread and 12, intervals were created using a 12 string acoustic guitar, followed by a reversed version of the phrase. Field recordings of the baking sections were overdubbed in the mix. The odd rumbling sound in the left channel is our KitchenAid mixer, pitch shifted two octaves down.

02. Emperor X (2004)
I have long admired the work of Chad Matheny (aka, Emperor X). He is the consummate DIY artist. This piece, A Hole in the Earth's Spin Tone starts as gauzy folk song- just a voice and an acoustic guitar. He sings about simple desires. The song builds to a plodding proto-shoegaze beat. Simple concept, simple composition, powerful performance. For a masterclass in DIY production, and for more context, check the source album, Tectonic Membrane / Thin Strip on and Edgeless Platform- and the rest of his catalogue. Fucking. Brilliant. @emperorx

03. SARN (2018)
Triggered is true folktronica generated at the hi-lo-fi hit factory Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, and produced by legend John Vanderslice. But the genius of this piece, is all in SARN's composition and deadpan delivery. I am going to pester him for an interview for a future program. Just listen to this song and fight me if you think that I am wrong. @sarnmusic

04. The Kanzler (2021)
Car 850 is a manipulated field recording of a 1922 trolley, that originally went into service in New Orleans. Here is the trolley:

Car 850

Reverb and time stretching are definitely in play on this beautful field recording. Word is that the odd "screeching" sound happened when some one on the trolley accidentally stepped on a dog's paw (the dog is fine).

05. Ash Cooke (2021)
I have been a fan of Ash Cooke's music for years. I have reviewed his albums for music blogs, and I have collaborated with him on several projects. Much like Emperor X, Cooke is a DIY master. In this, the first interview on Experimental Trash, Cooke describes his musical evolution. From a post-rock band member to a solo musician, now focused on improvisational solo guitar, he has a deep and complex catalogue of work that merits further exploration. The interview is accompanied by his new album, Ogwen Diaries, Volume 1. We discussed the relationship between Cooke's improvised guitar compositions and his visual art.

Part II of the interview will run on the July program- and we're trying to bake a new, unreleased, soundtrack for it.

Here is a recent piece by @ashcookemusic, I fucking love his visual work:
whitagram 1 by Ash Cooke

06. Ian Thistlethwaite (2013)
In Search of Brian Eno's Car Keys is an homage to the early pop dreamworks of Brian Eno. This lo-fi wonder includes meandering guitar and ambient room sounds. It is a lovely piece of music performed by a very talented musician and one of the gems from his album Posset. @ianthistlethwai

07. work in progress (2021)
The Tour de France is coming up and it is one of the highlights of my year. I absolutely love the poetry that Phil Liggett spins as the cyclists endure unimaginable pain and fever dreams. Every year I write while daily while watching each stage. This piece, Stage 08, is from a couple of years ago. @natlyon

08. Dezmo (2021)
A master of #plundercore - Dezmo totally crushes a new set of radio recordings on her most recent album, Corporate Model. Don't sleep on this one. @psybrarian

09. SARN (2017)
SARN is a wonder- that's why there are two tracks in this episode. Interlude is a very short, and very simple, piece from his 2017 album Postmodern Trash. This song is so compelling I had to do a cutup version for the closing credits. @sarnmusic

10. work in progress (2017-2021)
I wrote this piece for a video installation entitled Ranch House by the photographer Marion Belanger in 2017. I keep returning to the score and tweaking it. In this version (River, House, Marsh, Highway) I took a subtractive approach to the piano. Here is the video with the original composition.

11. SARN (2017)
A cutup reprise of Interlude by SARN as the closing credits roll. Huge thanks to CAMP RADIO. @sarnmusic





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