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episode 009 is a mixed bag of field recordings, spoken word, ambient, and works in progress. Surprisingly, a number of these recordings started as short clips people had posted to twitter- so I've included twitter handles where possible. Click on them.

01. work in progress (2021)
This work in progress contains found/upcycled vocals from a Tour de France broadcast combined with a collection of virtual instruments, piano, live drums, and bass. @natlyon

02. Ivy Nostrum (2021)
Ivy Nostrum is a table-top electronic genius. This piece, I know what it means to work hard on the machines is an atmospheric soundscape that pairs well with any rainy day. @PaulMargree

03. JWo (2021)
This is the second piece that JWo has emailed me for the program. A field recording from FDR Drive in Manhattan and the title Jwo on FDR. Based on his description of the day, I constructed an imagined narrative to accompany the gauzy traffic tones.

04. Spacemoth (2021)
Spacemoth posted a short video on twitter a few weeks ago. The audio was a fragment of a song, or possibly a drone, that sounded like a scratchy locked groove at the end of a vinyl album. A single note plucked on a guitar with a bass or synth pad note. I kept playing this 10-second piece, Strange wobbles on the horizon, and asked the artist if I could loop it and include it in the program. This a very lovely ambient drone that I sometimes play in the background while sitting at the desk. @spacemoth__

05. Robert Fripp (undated/no provenance)
It is sort of odd that several pieces in episode 009 were discovered as clips on twitter. This undated piece (likely mid-1980s) is from a video of Robert Fripp performing solo guitar Frippertonics. Because it was just a 45 second video, I digitally lopped Fripp's analogue tape loop. This piece is wonderfully performed. The layered guitar textures are only interrupted at regular intervals by a "click" where Fripp (or a technician) physically spliced the tape. This slight imperfection works quite well.

06. work in progress (2021)
Third of May is a guitar drone consisting of three notes played in slightly different configurations. A bass guitar and small drum kit provided some structure to the minor shifts in melody. The hi hat sound is a recording of a bicycle sprocket spinning. The "vocal" is just an Alchemy plugin applied to a midi keyboard. @natlyon

07. Clay Pipe Music (2021)
This is an untitled track that I found in another twitter post. The video is a beautiful shot of a long tape loop spinning around empty reels. I looped the audio from the clip for 8-minutes. @ClayPipeMusic

08. the Kanzler (2021)
episode 008 included a solo cello piece by the Kanzler. This piece is reprised here, in reverse form. The dense cello textures take on a slightly different form in this rendering.

09. the Kanzler (2021)
As usual, I was pestering the Kanzler for some new cello music- so, probably out of spite, she sent me an audio file recorded while refilling the bird feeders in her yard. I isolated some the the individual bird calls and spatially repositioned them in the mix, and rambled on for a bit about the magic of field recordings. Enjoy The Birds of Kanzler.

10. Ash Cooke (2021)
The most recent release from Ash Cooke is a collection of five solo guitar pieces entitled, Ogwen Diaries, Volume 1. The titles of each track are simply the dates on which they were recorded. If you scan Cooke's catalogue, it is very clear that his innovations in improvisational work have a broad range in approach. I took samples from each of the five songs and arranged them into a longer semi-ambient piece. @AshCookeMusic






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