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episode 007 includes field recordings, spoken word, ambient, edited loops, and a four "normal" musics. Headphones are highly recommended. The emphasis in this episode is on looped song fragments. You will probably recognize the source material. Why? Because some times I like just one part of a song and the rest drags it down.

01. Mega Emotion (2017)
Reasons to love Mega Emotion - Ian, Lisa, and Jan are an extremely tight, and highly intelligent, three piece. Wall of guitar noise, stuttering vocals, angst. You might break out in a nervous sweat while listening to OK Maybe OK.

02. William S. Burroughs (1978)
This recording, from The Nova Convention album - sounded cynical at the time of release, but now is a disturbing analogue to the corruption found in most modern political entities. Above all, Burroughs gives a classic reading, midwestern drawl and sheer delight in the absurdity of the carnage he describes. Check the archive at UbuWeb to hear more.

03. Toshiro Mayuzumi (1953)
Speaking of UbuWeb - there is a section listed as Early Japanese Tape Music. Mayuzumi's piece, Works for Musique Concrete X. Y. Z. is a series of classical and field recordings that are edited/chopped/spliced together. I took the liberty of looping the cello section from the Z movement. Great stuff.

04. Brian Eno (1974)
Here Come the Warm Jets is one of my favorite Eno albums. This is a loop/edit of the intro to Dead Finks Don't Talk. It's a nice groove.

05. NASA / Perserverance (2021)
A field recording from Mars. Actually, this is a loop of three recordings from Perserverance, which is currently skittering, in slow motion, on another planet. Slight EQ enhancements and Dear Reality reverb.

06. The Feelies (1980)
Crazy Rhythms is a post-punk classic. This is a loop of the intro to Loveless Love- which is a great song, it grows organically. But I always get stuck on the harmonics in the introduction. Our Newfoundlands provide the barking at the end.

07. Talking Heads (1978)
Another heavy edit of a great song. There original version of Warning Sign combines the twitchy angular guitar and vocals of David Byrne with a solid groove put down by Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth. This edited loop focuses on the intro to the song, where the guitar comes in with a whisper. The groove of the bass and drums on this song totally make it. I saw them perform this in 1978 and it was a "transformative" experience.

08. Hand Habits (2014)
In 2014, Eschatone Records released a split album of Peg (Peg songs will be in the next epsisode) and Hand Habits. It is a brilliant and beautiful album- one side is psych-folk and the other side is psych-pop. This song, Bloom starts out as a very nicely reverb drenched folk/western ballad and over 12:00 minutes, descends into a psych/noise jam- which is not an easy thing to do well. This album is in my file of important music. Bloom is a trippy song. The best kind. Approved.

09. Clare Archibald & TVO (2020)
Slow Notes For Voegelin is field recording ambient music. The second track of the album, Whorls, is a very pretty piece of work. Heavy modulation of organic sounds- cool. Dark. Deep. Immersive. Archibald is a writer and visual artist- and her sensibilities translate perfectly into ambient music on this piece.

Note: Intro and Interstitial
SHR provided the field recordings for the spaces between chapters. Recorded in March 2021 in the lower Connecticut River valley (LCRV).







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