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episode 005. Jesus fucking Christ on a crispy cracker I am behind schedule and I'm going to type quickly. This program starts with a track that came over the transom (more below) and curves through piano loops, noise loops, bluegrass (yes), narration, and some neo-classical shit. January has not been kind. Standby.

01.unsolicited submission / And Then Coda (Wire)
This track came from my email inbox. It seems to be a combination of And Then Coda by Wire, from the 1981 album Document and Eyewitness- mixed with snippets of audio from a recorded conversation between Donald Trump and the Secretary of State for Georgia, Brad Raffensperger. Gloomy tones. YaY.

02. Amulets (2020)
Quarantine is exactly what it is. A noise loop, bass, a twinkle of an emulated elecric piano. An internal soundtrack for the current time. That is the beauty of Amulets- simplist beauty with depth. Then go to the Amulets web site to see the very instructive and hypnotic video for Quarantine and read and listen to more from this very gifted artist. Lo-fi tech genius with an extensive catalogue on bandcamp.

03. Yo La Tengo (2000)
Danelectro is an interesting EP. Five variations of a single track. Some re-interpreted by the band- and others handed over to some very creative hands. This track, Danelectro 3 is the Kit Clayton mix.

04. Yonder Mountain String Band (2015)
This month, Domino reissued a lot of Buzzcocks material. And then I stumbled on to this bluegrass version of a classic.

05. Terry Riley (1960)
This track is the introduction of the Terry Riley piece, Concerto for Two Pianists and Five Tape Reorders. This is an interesting document, given the time, to hear a classical musician attempt to describe "new" music. Nothing ever seems to change.

06. All Feels (2021)
All Feels is the latest incarnation of western Massuchessetts underground legend Candance Clement. This song, Absent has a long and lovely drone-guitar intro that stumbles into a great pop song. There is a video of another song (We love this for you) from the EP Why Are You Like This? on YouTube. This is good stuff. Pay attention.

07. SHR (2021)
SHR is a pianist that I know and love. Sometimes I stand in the doorway and record piano fragments on my phone. I asked, "What do you call this?" And she replied, "Why do I have to call it anything?" Working title, 122920. Piano loops.

08. David Byrne (1993)
This is one of my favorite "songs" by David Byrne. Field recordings, a basic beat, and squirrely guitar riffs. Cage and the Long Island Expressway is just one of many great tracks on the John Cage tribute album, Caged/Uncaged - A Rock/Experimental Homage To John Cage (1993). Go to UBUWEB and listen to the entire album.

09. Glenn Branca (1982)
Excerpt from Symphony 2 is a classic example of Glenn Branca's arrangements for a guitar orchestra. This piece includes Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo.

10. The Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra (1993)
The Low Symphony is a brilliant work. Philip Glass e-imagined and scored an orchestral version of Low. Both Bowie and Eno are credited as collaborators. This is a beautifuly performance and recording of Warzawa.






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