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episode 004 starts with a field recording and meanders through noise, feedback, drone, some post-pop, and punk. It's within the theme of how the year 2020 has gone for most of us. This episode only consists of only 10 long tracks. Long and painful. Cheers!

01. field recording, "the pink dog," and firewood (2020)
I recently received some great software from DearReality. The spatial plugins from the DearVR Pro pack were used on this track to spread the environmental sounds- and provide them with a more natural, or immersive placement. A cold night in Connecticut, a fire needed to be built, and then pitch shifted a mechanical dog. It's my postcard to Year 2020. That's what we do here.

02. Dezmo (2020)
Jaded is a new track from Dezmo, master of beautifully wrecking previously recorded songs by shredding the pitch, tempo, and harmonics. This piece defies classification. It is a beautiful collage of sounds.

03. #TheKanzler (2020)
sk8ters is a field recording of an "unofficial" skateboad race that recently took place down a very steep hill. In the middle of winter. This is a short recording- because the skateboarders were very fast. I have been informed that no one was injured.

04. Sharon Van Ettten (2010)
Peace Signs is one of my favorite tracks from Van Etten's 2010 release, Epic. The simmering rage of this song has been part of my personal soundtrack lately.

05. Euros Childs (2020)
Kitty Dear, Part 1 is the first side of the new Euros Childs album, Kitty Dear. I read somewhere that Euros used every keyboard in his house on this album. The resulting sessions, recorded by Stephen Black, aka Sweet Baboo are a series of audio vignettes that are stitched together in a very artful way. Childs is doing something very interesting on this album- it is very minimal- but the writing is, as always, brilliant.

06. Spacemoth (2020)
This untitled feedback loop came about in a very odd way. Spacemoth (Maryam Quodus) is a muscian, engineer, and producer. The Spacemoth music project combines the nicest elements of psychedelia and rock- in a very modern, precise, and technical way, thanks to the engineering of her collaborator and husband, Beau Sorenson. Influences include Kraftwerk, Eno, and Daft Punk. But there is no mistaking the originality of the Spacemoth sound.

Regaring this piece, I saw a 20-second long video clip Spacemoth posted of a guitar, leaning against an amplifier, and feeding back. I assumed this was part of a new project. So, being the random idiot that I am, I drunkenly sent a tweet, something like, "This is awesome! Would it be ok if I looped this and put it on the Experimental Trash podcast???" And surprisingly, Spacemoth replied, "Yes!!" Hope I didn't wreck it. I also used the DearReality software on this one.

07. Ian Thistlethwaite (2016)
In 2015-2016, Ian Thistlethwaite asked a number of artists to re-record songs that he had written, but never released. He sent out "sketches" of songs which consisted of one track of vocals and one track of piano. I contributed a version of his song, I'll please you- which came out on the [sic] various artists album in 2016.

In this version of I'll please you- I restored all of Ian's piano and vocals, along with the tracks I had done. Then I looped several of my favorite measures of his piano melody and voice. It starts out a little ragged and then settles into a loop/drone kind of thing. Another application of the DearVR kit.

08. Content deleted.

09. Mission of Burma (1985)
Recorded in 1985, during their "farewell" tour, Heart of Darkness is one of the high points of The Horrible Truth About Burma. Brilliant cover of the Pere Ubu song. A long acid drone jam- from three pioneering musicians and the fourth behind the console making tape loops in real time.

10. Deerhunter (2013)
The album Monomania, was described by Bradford Cox as, "...a very hateful record...I was in a lot of pain and very lonely." The imagery in Nitebike rides true to that vibe. A song about being physically and emotionally stuck, on some road, out in the dark. This was 2020. Looped the last measure for the closing credits.

stay safe
stay well
be kind
see you next year







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