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episode 003 includes a number of field recordings, some re-constructed pieces from found stem files, loops from the "good" parts of songs, and regular, untampered, post-rock songs.

01. XMTR Derailleur (2013)
No sleep ever is like a puzzle. This experimental group, from the Washington, DC area only has one album in its catalogue- and very worth multiple listens. No sleep ever consists of a few simple elements, a looping guitar riff, a looping keyboard line, that I have deconstructed for this transmission. When the drums come in, the piece quickly moves to an uptempo level and the half-spoken vocals deliver all of the anxiety of a Slint song. For a 2-minute long song there is a lot going on, with very few instruments.

Some tinkering on my part at the end. There's a two note riff at the very end of the song, which I found quite pleasing, and looped it for two additional minutes.

02. Field recording (2020)
This #fieldrecording is part of my audio journal from the month of November. Vignettes recorded on a mobile phone while walking the dogs, watching television, and wandering the yard. We live just over the hill from a small airport- and for some curious reason our house is directly on the landing approach.

03. John Autry (2014)
Olive Branch is the closing song from Autry's 2014 release, Beautifully Broken, which a very dreamy and solid piece of work. Almost entirely self performed and recorded- Olive Branch is the perfect song to withdraw and hibernate. The reverb is rich, but not overworked- which makes this song perfect for headphones and isolation.

noise drone interlude begins here.

04. Andrew Howie (2019)
Foreshadowing is the introductory track on Howie's second album of solo guitar loops, Solo Guitar Loops 2. Clocking in at only 55-seconds, this track is does not waste any time. It is a prelude to a well designed sonic tapestry. I like a good drone- if it has texture. This one does.

05. Sinnen (2020)
Wraec MMXX is from the 2020 self-titled album, Sinnen. I took the liberty of looping this piece twice, because I really liked where it was going. A feedback drone done properly. If you like noise and ambient music- you will really like the work of Sinnen and Andrew Howie.

noise drone interlude ends here.

06. SARN (2020)
This #fieldrecording was kindly sent to me by SARN after I pestered him for a few weeks. In talking to him about his previous work, he said that he often uses evening dog walks as an important part of his writing process. He sees what he says, and then writes songs about the experience.

07. Yo La Tengo (2003)
Winter A Go-Go brings a much needed sunny breeze through this grim season. And we all need that right now. Vibraphone, a slightly salsa/Carribean beat, a rolling Hammond organ, and Georgia Hubley's lovely voice, are a tonic.

08. Ash Cooke / Pulco (2016)
A great poem and #spokenword piece by the Pulco incarnation of Ash Cooke, from his album Innovation in the Trade. A curious and disturbing short story, here framed by a field recording that he also recorded called Motorbike. Cooke has a sharp mind and a gentle voice.

09. Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps (2008)
The album Backyard Tent Set is one of those haunting folk albums. A mixture of fun and tragedy with an upper-midwestern perspective. People come and go, just like the seasons. Grizzly Bear is one of my favorite tracks from Smith's first album- but I am sure that you will discover your own favorite.

10. Euros Childs (2013)
Trick of the mind is a long and textured piano composition that closes the brilliant album Situation Comedy. The album is a roller coaster of characters, emotions, and musical styles- and this track ties all of the pieces together, after they have come crashing down, with Childs's masterful writing and performance for piano.

11. Seazoo (2013)
When they first started out, Seazoo was just two smart people recording in their spare room. The band has changed a lot in the last few years. In 2013 they released two EPs, Ken and Uncle Ken. At the time, I described their sound as a cross between Yo La Tengo and Dinosaur Jr- and that still rings true. But on Uncle Ken- they did something different, letting five different people remix the songs from the Ken album. Little Boy Seazoo, in original form, was already an odd piece for them. A looping electric guitar with fragments of found sounds and voices. The Mr Dupret Factory Remix adds a little more grit.

12. of Montreal (2006)
This version of Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider was recorded live in a Daytrotter session- and is very unique. Just a voice and an acoustic guitar. The lyrics are sly and smart and the tune is like early Bowie jangle.

13. Bearsuit (2005)
Bearsuit is part of the DNA of the bands Lady Di and Mega Emotion. This track, Minerals Made Me almost seems like something from a different era. Off kilter strumming, heartfelt vocals, and a small horn section. This song is now an artifact of artists that have evolved and moved on. But it is still a very precious piece of music.

14. rift|fault (2017)
Plate 12 sounds as creaky as the old house where it was recorded. A simple and slow piano line that wanders and wobbles, downtempo bass, occasional guitar harmonics, and found sounds. Like something you might hear as you're falling asleep.









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