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episode 049 | 12.06.2024
fun in the sun: slowcore drum & bass, field recordings, slow walking with the Newfoundland a very long section of modulated jet-ski sounds (i really hate those things), out of tune piano, and humid loops.

episode 048 | 15.05.2024
a collection of field recordings and ambient sounds that were rendered as drones from Germany, the UK, and North America. it's a wild life. Source material provided by SHR, the Kanzler, ABD, and the Plunketts. A soccer match, a hockey game, the sound of isolation, and birds, birds, birds.

episode 047 | 17.04.2024
Spring has finally arrived in the Connecticut River valley. A number of seasonal projects are coming to life. This episode is primarily a sketchbook of ideas that have started to sprout.

episode 046 | 20.03.2024
Field recordings from the lower Connecticut River provided the inspiration for most of these recordings. The dog and I watched a sailboat race, wandered around Long Island Sound, and visited a home distillery. There is some music over the top of it. A soundtrack for very small adventures.

episode 045 | 21.02.2024
Works in progress from the most dreary parts of winter in the lower Connecticut River valley. Frozen ground turns to mud, spring plants and trees trying their best to find sunlight, and I am watching the slow transition from my desk. Drones, ambient, and field recordings. Photos from my workbooks.

episode 044 | 24.01.2024
A super fun conversation with SARN. We talk about his writing/recording process- while samples from his new/unreleased album provide the background. Throw in a couple of his classic moves, from an extensive catalogue, for good measure. SARN is sort of an anti-musician that somehow gets it right.

episode 043 | 27.12.2023
No year end lists of music that i did not listen to. Instead, here is a lovely conversation with, and music by, Marc Weidenbaum. Marc is an American writer, musician, music journalist, and prompter of creative ideas through his Disquiet Junto project. He writes a lot, has a keen ear, and an interesting perspective on making, and listening to, music.

episode 042 | 29.11.2023
Several demonstrations of microphonics by Heather Roche, #WIP drones, a new arrangement of the theme to Bob's Burgers by Philip Glass, loops of tasty sections of songs by John Vanderslice and Emperor X, and a new song by Sweet Freeze.

episode 041 | 01.11.2023
A long-form field recording of Saturday morning fishing off a dock in New London, Connecticut, mixed with some drone, ambient, and WIP. With music by Kendraplex and Yo La Tengo.

episode 040 | 03.10.2023
A conversation with American photographer Marion Belanger, the background loops field recordings made by the photographer. Lo-fi groove with the looping voice of Cristin Leach. A longish-drone at the end- a musical meditation on writing with a pen on paper.

episode 039 | 06.09.2023
new-ish music by Heather Roche, Modern Nature, Emperor X, minimal drones, and a Yo La Tengo thing.

episode 038 | 09.08.2023
field recordings from Seoul, Deerhoof jams to the Tour de France, waking up in a bakery, and @plunkett rides the London subway.

episode 037 | 12.07.2023
A conversation with CristÍn Leach, field recordings, and other tones used as canvas

episode 036 | 14.06.2023
a conversation with Stefan James. Many samples from the Sweet Benfica catalogue
. You should hear this.

episode 035 | 17.05.2023
a conversation with Peter Liversidge and music by Throat & Chest. and other stuff.

episode 034 | 19.04.2023
Sarn, John Vanderslice, Throat & Chest, Burd Ellen

episode 033 | 22.03.2023
SpaceMoth, Emperor X, Ann Burke Daly, the Kanzler, John Calvin Abney, music from a Peter Liversidge installation, and Marco Baldini

episode 032 | 22.02.2023
Deerhoof drum loop, tarotplane, Television, Philip Glass, Dr Carini went to the beaver dam, and Yo La Tengo

episode 031 | 25.01.2023
A very special conversation with Emperor X

episode 030 | 28.12.2022
a lot of music for this festive season
: Kimbrae and Clare Archibald, Comets in Cardigans, Throat & Chest, Eno loop, Euros Childs, and Beau Sorenson

episode 029 | 30.11.2022
Annalisa loop: Teenage Engineering demo video, Gang of Four loop, Jonathan Deasy loop, Low, #WIP loops and drones, Poptones loop, field recording from Chicago, Robyn Hitchcock, and a VERY long Velvet Underground loop

episode 028 | 02.11.2022
environmental/field recording loops- and: Sweet Benfica, Kukan Effect, All Feels, and Ash Cooke solo improvised guitar

episode 027 | 05.10.2022
a plastic accordion- and: Helena Celle, field recordings, Low, Throat & Chest,Yo La Tengo, and Janos Starker

episode 026 | 07.09.2022
duck plays drums while David Lynch riffs- and: field recordings, @dezmo, the Noank Guitar Ensemble, and Pan American

episode 025 | 08.10.2022
Ambient music from John Calvin Abney and: more bicycle racing, SweetFreeze, Kimbrae and Clare Archibald, BearSuit, Fur Trader, and a very solid BodyWar jam.

episode 024 | 13.07.2022
field recordings by Marion Belanger- and: SHR, bicycle racing, an extended WIRE loop, a Gorky's tribute, Kimbrae & Clare Archibald, and music about geology

episode 023 | 15.06.2022
a conversation with Maryam Qudus [Spacemoth] and: @plunkett guitar improvisations, a SARN/Emperor X cross-mix, a fair amount of drone, and a fairwell tribute to Emma

episode 022 | 18.05.2022
Beauty Pill and: political protest chants, Closet Organ tour notes, Emperor X, and Spacemoth

episode 021 | 20.04.2022
a vinyl runout loop by Mark Weidenbaum, Dr Carini goes trout fishing in Connecticut, Sarah Angliss, trombone in an empty swimming pool, several pieces of wisdom from Jah Wobble, Yo la Tengo, Philip Glass

episode 020 | 23.03.2022
in the early stages of the invasion of Ukraine, many people found comfort from the chaos through music. This episode includes a couple of examples of people just trying to cope with the absurdity of war. AND- street music, Beauty Pill, a lockdown loop from @citiesandmemory, DC field recording, Emperor X talks about freedom, other tones and drones, and a remix of different cats playing the piano

episode 019 | 23.02.2022
the Fall, music for Uncle David, Sweet Freeze covers Low, Doug Kallmeyer drones against fascism, a Slothrust demo, dezmo generates money in under 8 minutes, random drones

episode 018 | 26.01.2022
a conversation with Beau Sorenson, friendly nerd talk, the Dodos, Ash Cooke solo guitar improvisation, Bob Mould, WIP

episode 017 | 29.12.2021
several works in varying degrees of progress. Abbey Newton solo cello, Robyn Hitchcock, Mission of Burma covers Pere Ubu, Slint, Low, feedback, end

episode 016 | 01.12.2021
field recordings, a Jano Starker solo cello, Sweet Benfica, Atlas Sound, John Vanderslice loops, .

episode 015 | 03.11.2021
a conversation with Clare Archibald and a collage of audio presented in her Lone Women in Flashes of Wilderness installation and other drone stuff

episode 014 | 06.10.2021
Wire counts in , Seazoo makes it weird, Emperor X slow jam, two deep John Vanderslice tracks, Burroughs reads, Glenn Gould time stretched, SARN, Martin goes to football, Marion Belanger records volcanic fissures, and a Roxy Music loop

episode 013 | 08.09.2021
A conversation with Chad Clark, in the background- a collage of samples from the Beauty Pill catalouge- and Huw reports from the Green Man festival through a series of field recordings

episode 012 | 11.08.2021
remixing improvised guitar by Ash Cooke, field recordings and drone guitar from @plunkett and @nycslade from the tour de france, an XTC loop, SHR, Dezmo, a slow groove of Today is the day by Yo la Tengo

episode 011 | 14.07.2021
major hard drive FAIL, Clare Archibald, "works" in progress, a Robyn Hitchcock deep cut, the Kanzler, looping the Buzzcocks, SHR, Unexpected Bowtie, part 2 of the Ash Cooke conversation

episode 010 | 16.06.2021
a conversation with Ash Cooke (part 1), @plunkett improvisation/loop on a 12-string acoustic, gauzy and spacey Emperor X, SARN gets triggered, sampled and looped, the Kanzler does field recordings of ancient trolleys, Dezmo goes deep #plundercore, music for the destruction of a beach house to accompany a video by Marion Belanger- part of an installation at the Florence Griswold Museum. everything is a work in progress.

episode 009 | 19.05.2021
a couple of collages that involve bicycle racing, Ivy Nostrum on the table-top drone, JWo walks FDR Drive, Spacemoth goes electric, a very pretty analogue tape loop from Clay Pipe Music, a piece by Robert Fripp with no provenance, solo cello loop by the Kanzler, works in progress, and looping Ash Cooke (again)

episode 008 | 21.04.2021
when I started the experimental trash podcast, I was not quite sure how to approach it. so, I made playlists of songs by artists that I admire and respect. But the concept of just generating a monthly playlist seemed unchallenging and uninteresting. I tinkered around after this episode and try to make it more timely and reflective of real-world and personal events. There are some good fucking songs in the first eight episodes- and you should track these artists hard. on this episode: John Vanderslice, Bearsuit (dig deep for this), PictureBox, Spacemoth, Lawrence Made Me Cry, Lower Dens, the Kanzler, Sweet Benfica, Young Marble Giants, Kaki King, SHR, Patti Smith, Ruth Crawford Seeger, and Gabe is a Unit

episode 007 | 24.03.2021
Mega Emotion- it is what they say, William S. Burroughs reading, Mayuzumi does musique concrete, looping Dead Finks Don't Talk by Eno, sounds from Mars, courtesy of NASA, The Feelies, Talking Heads loop from Warning Sign, Hand Habits jam until the sun comes up, Clare Archibald, and SHR, roll closing credits

episode 006 | 24.02.2021
Elf Power- does Eno (no provenance), Sweet Benfica, Martin & Stephen, my favorite Robyn Hitchcock track, Emperor X, SARN, John Vanderslice, Atlas Sound, Tremelo Ghosts, Abbey Newton, Wrightoid, Clara Engel, rift | fault, and works in progress

episode 005 | 27.01.2021
Wire enters a political chat room, Amulets noise loop, Yo la Tengo deep instrumental cut, Yonder Mountain String Band covers the Buzzcocks, Terry Riley, All Feels, SHR, David Byrne does a song for John Cage, Glenn Branca, and Warzawa by Bowie, Glass, Eno

episode 004 | 30.12.2020
tangling the pink dog and firewood, Dezmo is jaded, the Kanzler recording downhill skateboards, Sharon van Etten, the genius of Euros Childs, Spacemoth, Ian Thistlethwaite, Mission of Burma, and Deer Hunter

episode 003 | 02.12.2020
a nice loop by XMTR Derailleur, field recordings, Jon Autrey, Andrew Howie, Sinnen, SARN, Yo la Tengo, Ash Cooke, Caroline Smith, Euros Childs, Seazoo, of Montreal, Bearsuit, rift | fault

episode 002 | 04.11.2020
the first four notes of Blue Line Swinger (looped) by Yo la Tengo, Mission of Burma at full-throttle, Beauty Pill, when Robyn Hitchcock hears the word democracy- he reaches for his headphones, Dream Syndicate, Seazoo, Ash Cooke, another John Vanderslice deep cut, Wire, Emma Swift, Nicole Lizée, Emperor X, and Slint cover Neil Young

episode 001 | 07.10.2020
cello looping by Cellista, the Kanzler does field recordings, Lady Di brings extra fuzz, Sweet Benfica pulsates, JRW goes to the south shore of Cape Cod, SARN, tones from the ATCO corporation, Slothrust on classical literature, Stephen Steinbrink on dystopia, Kronos Quartet with Laurie Anderson, John Vanderslice isolated clarinet track, Beauty Pill, Young Marble Giants, and there had to be more Dezmo

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