CAMP.Radio | episode 050 | field notes | 10.07.2024

wow. How have you been? Busy here.
episode 050 features field recordings, TV sounds, spoken word loops, samples, #WIP drones, and a really nice coversation with, and music by, Stephen McLeod. Most of the text below that appears in bold or orange will probably take you to additional source material. listen, read, click.

A small jet flying low over Stony Creek

01. stony creek farmers market
A field recording made while vendors set up their stalls at a local farmers market along the Connecticut shoreline. Low, still sleepy voices. Slow, but purposeful movement. Rain was in the forecast. I was surprised by the volume of the birds. This is mostly a bass drone. First position slides down from A to D, with a short fill using D and E. Percussion limited to high hat and a very soft kick drum. The guitar seems a little distracted- sort of like the birds at the farmers market.

the cover of the book- Proposals for Antarctic, by Peter Liversidge

02. the vast majority of people are just not interested in the truth
This is a tweaked version of a new release by Throat & Chest. The sounds in this very nicely rendered noise track include some quick fades and unexpected drops. The textures of the noise shifts (note to self: write to them to find out what the source material was). I have also been reading Proposals for Antarctica by Peter Liversidge and I asked SARN to read one of the passages. I tooks samples of the reading and dropped them in random spots- and looped them from their original random position.

a photograph of Stephen McLeod, used without permission

03. a conversation with Stephen McLeod
Stephen McLeod is a Glasgow-based photographer, musician, and video blogger. Over the last 20 years Stephen's creative processes have evolved, as has his musical range, and collection of electronica. During our conversation we compared notes on our approaches regarding the number and sequence of actions required in writing, recording, and distributing sounds. Metadata is important.

This conversation includes unreleased tracks and sound samples by McLeod for background. Click the links above to see and hear more of Stephen's multimedia portfolio. Photograph of the artist used without permission.

04. Galibier (2024)
Every year, during the first three weeks of July, when the weather turns unnaturally tropical- I watch the Tour de France and write music. Usually at the same time. I leave a room mic plugged in while I'm working and capture room noises and sound coming from the television.

This is a basic bass and drum drone-loop that includes snippets of the poetic live reporting by Phil Liggett. The words that Liggett chooses are beautifully formed and spoken. The simple count of, "two,four, six, eight," caught my interest.

05. SARN loops 1 and 2
True story: I have been hounding SARN for lo-fi, home-recorded, material for years. I was quite delighted when he finally sent a few minutes of chords and music he has been playing with. That is one of the things I like most about SARN's music- it is playful.

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