CAMP.Radio | episode 049 | field notes | 12.06.2024

welcome to summer in the lower Connecticut River valley. episode 049 marks YEAR5! of experimental trash. The foundation for almost every piece is a field recording- but I also tried to structure these 57 minutes as a singular piece, with varying degrees of success. Walks with the Newfoundland, a Sunday luncheon, and 19 minutes of a droning jet-ski on the river that I looped and modulated. And slowcore acoustic guitar (sorry). The basic theme is sesonal change and how it creeps into our thinking and perception of the environment. Days get longer, life starts earlier every day, and humidity will always be irritating.

The Newfoundland in the foreground is old and mostly deaf- she could not hear the jetski

01. field_recording_fucking_jet_ski
We love going out and about with the dog. We go for walks, rides in the car, go to the beach, and into the forest. Recently, SHR went down to the Connecticut River with our Newfoundland. In a short video, as the dog sauntered through the water- a jet ski went roaring past. Total. Buzzkill. When I looped the audio- the pesty water toy started to have develop a rhythmic quality- almost a chant.

02. dj_0647
This is a short guitar, bass, drum drone with some reversed sounds that I wrote for Week 647 of Marc Weidenbaum's Disquiet Junto project. I spoke with Marc in epsisode 043- if you would like to learn more about this multi-year series of musical chapters.

wood glue was unable to hold, so I repaired an old wooden rocking chair with a metal plate and many screws- it was an improvement

03. duet, June
An imagined duet between a modulated clarinet and bass guitar.

04. promises
A meditation/drone with acoustic guitar, bass guitar, minimal percussion and a single repeated line of verse. A simple progression. An exercise.

05. piano_2
The early summer heat can make things a little fuzzy and disorienting. I tried to find the most atonal and thick sound I could make and fit it into a downtempo groove consisting of just bass and drums.

06. Charlie chant
This is second treatment of the jet ski drone that started the program. The basic loop of a noisy skimming insect paired with the more organic, and otherwise peaceful, sounds of the estuary .

drone at turtle speed

07. 060724_guitar
A very simple and quiet piece consisting of electric guitar, bass, piano, and organ. We have an old Yamaha upright piano that has not been tuned in years. I wanted to write something light and minimal. At around the 53-minute mark I started to reverse the sounds to create a slow rhythm similar to the sounds of the river used in other sections of this program. I like simple and quiet.

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